Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dizzy Day

Yes. The title says it all... I'm very, very dizzy today. I mean even more than normal & not in my usual 'blonde' way. Also quite tired. Not because I haven't slept much... no, I've slept at least 8 or 9 hours between last night & a nap today! I'm dizzy / loopy / sleepy because of a sinus infection.

I've been having headaches on & off for the last few weeks. I called in about them & my Dr. ended up wanted me to come in. Great... I didn't think she'd be able to tell me anything. You know, schedule me to see a specialist... And they'll run a thousand & one tests, and when it's finally all said & done they'll tell me my problems aren't physiological at all, but in fact psychological!

That or they'll tell me I have a tumor in my brain & they have to shave my head. That's my biggest concern... shaving my head. HUH?! Waaait a second, if there's a tumor in my brain, I have MUCH bigger problems than just shaving my head!!

Really, I'm more of a hypochondriac than anything else. So up until this week, I seriously thought all these headaches really MIGHT be psychological. Then I started getting kinda dizzy. You know, like you've had one glass of really good wine... and you just can't resist that second... then you get 'dizzy.' Yip, that's how I felt - completely sober, mind you!

So back to yesterday when I went in to see my Dr.

She asked me a ton of questions... "" You get the idea. And then she told me that I have a pretty good sinus infection! YES! I've never been so happy about an infection in all my life! And that brings me to why I'm even more dizzy now. One of the medicines she put me on can cause dizziness & drowsiness. Oh, yeah. I'll agree with that!

So even though I have tons of other cool stuff to put up here...I can't seem to coagulate my thoughts & creativity enough to put anything together. I'm afraid it might come out looking like: kf904J(*mf4[nm '',]`9jg~]]] ... Only it would be much more confusing than that. So for now, I'm going to take another nap (Don't worry! My baby's asleep too) and hope that I can soon be rid of this sinus infection & the medicine I have to take for it. Love to all & God Bless!

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