Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Me & Liv

Just a few shots of me & Liv after we got home from the mall:

And one of Livia being quite the goof-ball!

Jumping in the Mall (2)

My husband was so excited to see the cell phone pics & video of Liv jumping on the trampoline/trapeze thing at the mall, that we decided to take here there once again so the both of us could enjoy her jumping show.

This time we came equipped with a good camera & camcorder. I hoped to be able to get one of the good videos up, but unfortunately it's just too large to upload directly onto the blog. I'm not giving up entirely; I have an idea of what to do, but it may take a little more time than I'm willing to devote right at this time.

So, after Liv figured out what she was going to get to do again, she was SO excited! And once again, she amazed the people working there. Livia isn't the least bit shy or timid when it comes to jumping!

She went right up to the girl working there for help getting onto the contraption:

Liv was strapped in:

And up she went!


And yet again, Liv gathered a small crowd of people just amazed that such a little person was jumping that high. The girl working there definitely took a liking to our daughter -- she even gave a bit of extra fun for Liv:

She would grab a hold of Livia on her way down, pull her legs down as far as she could, & let go.

I don't think that Livia actually got any higher than she was with just jumping, but it sure made her giggle like crazy! She absolutely loved it!

Right after, we got Liv & ourselves a little snack from the mall's food area. Livia wanted a hot dog -- which she ate almost every bite of! And Perry and I shared some Japanese food. We had never eaten 'fast-Jap' before, and didn't know what to expect; it was great! For such yummy fast food at a very decent price, we were really quite impressed.

Then we made one quick pit-stop by the Children's Place to get Livia some much needed sun glasses. She was so excited to try them -- even though it was dark outside by the time we were all said & done. I told her that we'd better not wear them right now, or we wouldn't be able to see anything. Thankfully, she was just fine with that as long as we let her hold on to the bag. Which she happily did the whole way home!

Our happy camper just getting into her car seat

Just TRY It

A couple of weeks ago out at my parents, Liv's cousin came over for a visit. While there, the girls had some dinner; one just ate a little more variety than the other... Liv loves to try new foods, and she thinks that everyone needs to try new foods as well. It's obvious that not everyone feels that way. Case in point:

Liv was trying to get her cousin to try a green bean in these pictures. I wish I would have video-taped it though! The whole time Livia was saying, "C'mon Meggie! Try it! You liiiike it...! Just try it Meggie!"

Liv even tried hand-feeding the green bean to Meg, but to no avail. Megan wasn't having any of it! Livia finally gave up, shaking her little head & saying "She just didn't wanna try it!"

I Dress Myself!

This little cutie was almost forgotten from a couple of weeks ago:

Liv came in & said, "I dress myself!"

Yes, Livia really did dress herself -- well, at she least accessorized herself! Every time I look at this photo, I smile!


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Our daughter seems to be QUITE an artist! Perhaps it's [way] too early to compare her to the 'greats', but I couldn't resist the funny title for this post! Thanks to a super gift from her Aunt Kendra, Liv has been having tons of fun 'coloring' in the bathtub... and just this week those random colorings have totally evolved.

She's now drawing people!

There are still several scribbles, but look at all Liv's 'persons'

I love the big ones she drew!

I'm hoping to get the video I took from this evening onto the other blog -- hopefully the stars will align & technology will cooperate with me to do so.


St. Patty's Day Pics

I took these little beauties just before we headed back to St. Louis earlier this week (obviously it was St. Patrick's Day). How stinkin' cute is she with that little Dora backpack?!

Easter Flowers

On our walk back home from the neighbors, my mom & Liv picked the 1st Easter Flowers of the season. Here are the cute shots of Liv and the those flowers:

Jumping at the Neighbors

On my Mom's day off work, we were able to make it over to the neighbors for some jumping-fun for Livia. My parents have taken her over there to jump with the kids before, but on this day it was just going to be Liv jumping. Meg, Jay & Sam were at day care, but Liv's Aunt Tanya gave us the OK to let her jump on the trampoline. So off she went!

And down!
With all the static around her, Liv's little hair-do made her look like a cute little dandelion!
And she had SO much fun!

Livie's Cows

After Liv was finally convinced that she'd been swinging long enough, we decided to take a walk over to the neighbors'. On the way there, we passed by the cows -- which Liv is now convinced that are 'her' cows! I can see why she thinks that:

Upon our arrival, the cows were quite a ways back.

Almost immediately, one came a'runnin towards Liv!

And before we knew it, a whole crowd of cows was there!

Liv loves her cows, and the cows sure seem to love her too. I have to say, I think that last photo has to be one of my all-time favorites! 

Hey, Mom -- Livie's new boots sure came in handy, didn't they?

Swinging in the Country

I feel so blessed to be able to spend all this extra time with Livia lately! Something that she definitely enjoys is swinging -- and since we were out in the country with my mom on this particular day, I was able to get some great photos of my little munchkin:


And then twisting:
And untwisting...
And twisting...
And so on for the next hour or so!
I just loved all her grins & giggles
And I'm sure her Nana did too

I have to say that I also feel really blessed that my mom was able to take a day off work just to be with us. It was a really great day! 

Signs of Spring

There are some very pretty things out at my parents' right now -- particularly the upcoming blooms that are a sure sign of spring! Case in point:

My Momma's crocuses

It's definitely been a bright spot in the brown-ish surroundings of the country. On a closer look at the flowers is even more proof that spring has begun to arrive:

Look at all those busy little bees! They were certainly abuzz in the little crocus garden at my parents, I just stood there watching them for several minutes until a certain little someone brought me back down to earth:

"Cu-mere, Mommy! I'm-a show you sumppin!"

Oh, how do I love that little voice!

New Boots

Guess who got new boots??? I'll give you a hint... She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is almost 3. Give up? It's Livia, of course!

Her Nana & Papaw got them for her at Rural King less than a week ago, and Liv just LOVES them! I love that she can go trotting out in the country anywhere with her boots. The country can be pretty muddy, especially this time of year. So it's no wonder why Liv is so excited about her boots!
I mean, I would be excited about them too  :o)   How CUTE are they?!

Although come to think of it, I do have some new boots too -- both black & brown 'hot stuff' boots. Lucky me!!! My wonderful hubby got them for me just a month or two ago, and amazingly they still look quite new. Guess that means I need to wear them some more!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Squirrel Encounter #2

[see squirrel encounter #1 first]

Just a few days ago, we had to stop at that same rest stop, and sure enough -- we had another squirrel come up to us! Livia had some fries left over from her lunch.

She was EXTRA good this particular day, and was treated with McDonalds. She actually fell asleep with a little nugget in her hand!

Anyway, Liv decided that the squirrel would definitely like the fries:

And sure enough, he did!

Unfortunately, he decided to take his food to go (right under our car). Liv had a really hard time seeing him...
Until she bent down to his level -- my smart kiddo!

Now Liv reminds me daily of how we met the squirrel, and how he liked the fries, but how we never pet them (we had to go over that several times... she just kept wanting to try to pet him!)

I wonder if we'll get a 3rd visit with a friendly squirrel on one of our trips!