Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome to the World, Baby Noble!

Oh, it's been such a long, fun, busy, wonderful day! I'm still here in Indiana with Liv since we still had some things to take care of here in town (more about that later). And I'm SO glad we're still here, because one of our best friends from church had her baby today!!!

Noble Willis D. was born today (May 24, 2010) weighing in at 9 lbs and measuring 20.5 in.

Matt & Rhona are just about the nicest, most beautiful people I've ever known... And I am beyond delighted that they have welcomed their son into the world!

I thank God for blessing the D. family with a beautiful, healthy baby boy! So tonight I say a prayer for Matt, Rhona, & Noble: I pray that all is well for them, and I pray that Rhona has a very quick recovery. And tomorrow I pray that I may be able to meet Noble before Liv & I head back to Missouri.

Still Behind ~ And Falling Even Further!

After taking a glance back on the last few posts of catch-up, I realized that my updates only took me to the very first Saturday in May... And here we are in the last full week of the month! There is still so much that I left out from the time frame that I did post about, and don't even get me started on all that has already happened since.

Do I ever have a prayer of completely catching up?! If I'll just remember to post something on a fairly regular basis, that shouldn't be a problem. But just in case I do, here are just a few things that I really hope to write about & show off pictures from:

• Our Church being blessed with a wonderful new Pastor
• Our Family Reunion
• A visit with Marie
• Baby Day at Church
• Mother's Day
• Baby showers
• New bow hangers for Liv's room
• Liv's yearly check-up
• Livia's 1st hair-cut by her Aunt Laura
• Our Church's Community Summer Kick-Off
• And more!

Well, at least now that I've made a mentel -- and an actual -- list, I think I have a better chance at remembering to write about it all. ☺

All my ♥ !

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update 3:

(Things that have happened quite a bit since my last 'real' post, on Livia's 3rd Birthday)

• My husband won 4 tickets to a Cardinals Baseball Game ~ which just happened to be in the 5th row!!! Side note:  this was only my second baseball game ever. And another side note:  my husband has to be the sweetest man in the whole world! He actually invited my parents to go with us!!! And this was only their 2nd baseball game ever as well. What an experience it was ☺

One of the best sights ever!

One of the 3 of us at the beginning of the game

We got a private bar, snack, & restroom area with our seats...
And Fred-Bird was there the 1st time we went in!

The one regret I have about that day is that Livia really wanted to hug & kiss that 'Red-Bird'... And I didn't seize the opportunity when we had that one chance. I'm hoping there will be plenty of other chances for Liv to meet Fred-Bird.

The evening started out very if-y...
Cold, rainy, and misty...

And we got off on the wrong foot against the Braves...

It didn't even matter ~ we were all having fun just being there!

There was even enough to keep Liv entertained & happy:
She loved seeing Fred-Bird perform for us

And she found lots of excuses to visit our private little bar-area

And of course I was more than happy! Case in point:
☺ Hello, Mr. Pujols! ☺

Just kidding! My hubby is the one who really made me happy

That, and the fact that the Cardinals rallied from behind to beat the Braves!!!!! I don't think I could have wished for a better game  ♥  And I certainly couldn't have wished for better people to have been there with.

~ My Dad & Mom, Liv, Me, & Perry ~

Mom & Dad even stayed the night there in St. Louis (actually close to where we live in St. Charles County). And the next day, we all went to:

The Magic House
Children's Museum of St. Louis

Liv had so much fun there!
♫♪♫ Music  ♪♫♪


Places to crawl

And places to make a face (and more!)

There was a water room (that Livie just loved)

And a static ball (that Liv really didn't care for at all...)

I just loved the balloons at the entrance

And it was so cool watching my mom make bubbles & music

And speaking of bubbles...
This thing was SO cool!

Yes, I had to do it too!

And there were even more ways to make music

Nothing beats a big ole' slide, right Liv?

Except playing in a Bobcat!

This thing was really fun too

And then Liv got to play 'judge' ~ it was too cute!

Finally, we hit the outside area

Liv loved the table that was just her size

And I think the best part was that my parents were there to share the whole thing with us.

Oh, what a whirl-wind of a week this truly was! 

• Within this very same week, my husband somehow got another set of tickets to the Saturday Cardinals game (against his Reds). He had originally planned on taking his brother & dad. But since neither of them could make it, he told me that I could ask my sis! And she could come!!! (Do I not have the very best husband in the whole entire world?!) 

Michael had to work, but one of our very best friends from church was able to come instead. I still cannot believe what a trooper Rhona was! Did I mention that she was 9 months along with a baby?! And swelling & all, she did not complain 1 time ~ Bless her heart ♥

Here are just a few fabulous photos & memories from that day:

Laura Belle, Rhona, & Baby Noble

Aunt Laura braided Livie's hair (SO pretty!)

And Liv was such a good girl ~ she had so much fun!

♥ Some of my favorite girls ♥

I love this one during the 7th inning stretch:
Liv & Aunt Laura singing "Take me out to the Ballgame"

And Livie with the best seat in the house!

All us girls having a wonderful time

And Liv with her Daddy (getting sleepy!)

We had no clue it was going to be so nice -- or so warm
But Laura sure took great care of Livie-Bug

And Liv took care of her Aunt Laura too
This was TOO cute:  
Liv wanted Laura under the umbrella with her!

And one of my fav's ~ me & the Love of my life!

It really was SUCH a great game... Even though we are a household divided. My husband is a die-hard Reds fan, and I've been a Cards fan for as long as I can remember. I guess he still had a chance of getting me to root for his team... Until we moved here right next to St. Louis! And now that he knows that he has no chance in you-know-what of converting me, this game was even more funny!

The Reds led almost the whole game... And there were some very obnoxious (and drunk) Reds fans a couple of rows behind us. It wouldn't have been so bad, except for their, um, colorful language. I had to include the pic below simply because it reminds me of  how HAPPY I was when they finally left!

[ugh... Reds fans.] Bottoms up, eh buddy?

Can I just say how utterly tickled I was when the Cardinals began to pull ahead, and it became perfectly obvious that the Reds were going to loose?! Yes, that's why our colorful Reds fans finally left the game.

And my poor husband...
Well, he was ashamed to even show his face 
by the end of the game!

It was so great to see my Cards win ~ 6 to 3!

The crowd was certainly up on its feet at the end ☺

Then we got just a few pics in front of that beautiful green field:

I love this one [Noble's 1st Baseball Game]
Rhona & Baby Noble

~ Laura & Rhona ♥ Besties ~

~ Our happy little family ~

Me, Perry, Liv, & Laura Belle

And our whole group!

Before we left, we visited the gift shop.
Liv was clinging to her Aunt Laura, and this was TOO funny:
Laura sat Livia down & told her she was 'On Sale'; Liv loved it!

She was still giggling about it after we left the shop!

We got one last pic of all us girls before we left

And just when I thought the excitement was over for the day...

We had just gotten out to our cars, when the gentleman in the truck behind us struck up a conversation with Liv. Livia gave him one of her lolly-pops, and in return he gave Livie an actual game ball! Turns out that the man works for the Cardinals (in or near the outfield) and snagged a foul ball towards the end of the game. I guess Liv just won his heart!

And he showed this to me:
What a picture of Albert Pujols!

A shot of my happy little girl before we left:
Liv hugged her ball until she fell asleep on the way to Indiana

Which took only mere minutes!

☺ Oh, what a wonderful day! ☺