Thursday, January 24, 2008


I mentioned a new website I discovered - RedBubble - and it's inspired me to find some of my first photographs taken even before I got my digital SLR.

A few years ago, I took a film photography class during the summer. I was smart enough to get a lot of the pictures copied onto CD. At the time, I wondered if the CD's were a waste of money. Now I really wish I would have gotten them all on CD!

Here are some of my favorites that I do have from that class...

I just loved these ducks - I took several of them & this was definitely my favorite.

Overlooking the river in downtown Evansville

Another downtown shot. Just an exit ramp, but I just loved the curves & lines.

And here's just a couple more taken with my film SLR. These were from our family vacation down in Florida, summer of '05 (That seems like eons ago!)

I just LOVE this pic of the beach. The sand looks SO cool!

A beautiful Florida morning sunrise. Even though you can't see the sun, I really like the colors.

Anyway, I know these pics are ancient, but I still love them. It reminds me of when my love of photography first began. Enjoy!

Love to all & God Bless

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