Saturday, October 29, 2011

Liv in her Halloween costume for preschool on Friday.

Livi's preschool went to a nursing home to 'trick-or-treat' and everyone had such a great time! Both the kids and the residents :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recent Updates:

I am officially un-grounding myself from the Internet!!! Since my last actual update, I'm not even sure where to begin with our life-changes -- much less what's been going on with everyone else! Well, at least this is a start:
  • Liv has already been to 2 birthday parties & will be going to another next Saturday. 
  • My Gramma Pat got married, which in & of itself was awesome -- and I got see lots of my family that I haven't in FOREVER (also awesome!) 
  • My Nephew (Garrett) Sis (K~), Brother (Matt), and Niece (Maggie) have ALL had birthdays!!! But I hate that I haven 't gotten to see them since their special days... I miss them so much. And I seriously cannot wait to get their Birthday presents over to them!
  • My husband has been now out of town on business 3 times this year. Unfortunately, it has been tradition that whenever he goes out of town, Liv & I will get snow here in Missouri. 
    • The most recent duration that he was out of town:   Last week & the week before (7-8 days)
    • And since it was so close to Spring, I figured this would be the 1st time since 2010 that I wouldn't have to worry about the snow... 
    • I was WRONG! It snowed about 3 inches last Sunday night/Monday morning. Seriously! I could NOT believe it...! March 14 -- less than a week away from the official start of Spring, and I was shoveling snow yet again.
  • We finally got moved into our new house! (about 99% anyway ~ still just a few loose ends to tie up & bring over here, but not much!)

My amazing husband did SO much of the moving all by himself. I helped with just a few of the big items & some packing/unpacking.

Liv was pretty good for the most part during this long weekend... Unfortunately, she did get to bed extremely late a couple of days & that caused a bit of a meltdown today. Bless her heart she was so tired!

After she [finally] got a nap, she was back to normal ~ very happy, energetic, & agreeable. We took advantage of this BEAUTIFUL afternoon & went to a nearby park:

 These last several weeks have been ridiculously long/hard, but it definitely feels worth it all now :)

And now I'll be looking forward to catching up with my e-mail & even Facebook this week... I'm sure I've missed out on a lot these last several weeks. But at least I've kept up with real-life! All the essentials are unpacked at the new house, laundry is almost completely caught up

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Memories in Indiana

Last weekend was certainly a snowy one,
but that didn't stop me & Liv from traveling
over to Indiana for a couple of days!

Sunday after Church, I promised Liv that we would
take her out & play in the snow after lunch. She had
such a blast! Especially riding around on the sled
pulled by her Papaw's lawn mower/tractor (with Mommy)

Getting ready to get on the sled
And her Papaw looking back to make sure she was sitting 

After the 1st go-round, we took a little break. Liv 
wantedto look into the cistern with Papaw 
(to make sure the waterwas still full enough)
 And Jax came over to see what was going on too...
OK, technically not see (since he seriously runs into trees)
but definitely wanted to be right there with Liv

Then Livia made us a couple of snow angels

And then she ran over to the swing set
I promise this child could swing & slide in any weather!
Normally the 'Mom' in me would say, "NO! It's way too
cold for that kind of nonsense!!!" But we were bundled 
up already, and I ended up getting a pretty awesome pic
from her fun... And seeing that she didn't get sick or anything,
I can definitely say it was worth it!

 [ more sliding ]
 [ and more sliding still ]
 Then her Papaw came along & made things even more fun
 giving a gentle shove down the slide to really make her 'fly'

and pushing Livie in the swing

After all the fun on the swing set, Liv decided it was time
for another round sledding with Papaw & Mommy

Oh... And guess what else my daughter likes to do at 
her Nana & Papaws. She LOVES to help vacuum!
I think I can say without prejudice that this is a 3 year 
old that most anyone would LOVE to have around :)

So these were just a few of the fun times that we 
had in Indiana during the month of January :)

(more beautiful memories to come soon)

December / Christmas 2010

Just a few of my favorite pictures from the month of December...

Early December:
Liv getting ready to go play in the snow
And finally getting to make her snow angel -- All by herself!!! 
(Mommy was quite impressed)

Mid December:
Liv 'helping' her Daddy put the star upon our tree
And in front of the decorated tree just before bedtime
Livia & her Daddy playing, being silly, and having a ball

Christmas Time:
Livia & her class for her Preschool's Christmas Program
And Liv just after the program all smiles
She did a really great job!!!

She and all the kids there received a pillow-pet from
the incredibly generous benefactor for the preschool
I feel so blessed to have personally met him!

'Christmas' morning at the Fultz household:
Though technically it was Christmas Eve, Liv
didn't seem to notice or mind! She got so many
presents, and we had so much fun watching her
open each one with excitement!

Just after all the presents were opened, we packed up
and got ready to leave for Indiana (and we were lucky
enough to get a couple of quick pictures beforehand)

As soon as we arrived in Indiana, Livia excitedly helped
Nana decorate the Christmas tree! Though several branches
had 3 or more ornaments upon them, Liv had a blast 
helping her Nana get ready for Christmas!

~ Christmas Morning at Nana & Papaw's ~
Livia was so excited to open all the presents -- but first we all
enjoyed a huge Christmas breakfast from my Mom & Dad
Afterwards we all opened presents...

And then we went to do Christmas with my Mom's side
of the family (below:  Laura & her Mini-Me, Meg)

And after lunch & presents with Mom's family, we
headed over to my husband's parents... Though
Christmas over there definitely did not at all go
as planned, I did manage to get a really cute pic
Liv with her cousins (Love them SO much!!!!)

The Day After Christmas ~ aka Laura's Birthday!
Liv posed for a few quick shots in the snow. I had
to get a few pictures to show that we really did have
a white Christmas :)
And then Jax came along to provide for even more cuteness!

Happy Birthday, Laura Belle!
Livia helped her Aunt Laura open her presents...
And blow out the candles!

And that was the end of our Christmas weekend in Indiana!

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