Friday, January 25, 2008

Pics from the Past

Maybe it's because I don't have any new, cool pics to put up here... Maybe it's because I was just thinking about how much people change over the years... Whatever the reason, I've been reminiscing looking through a ton of old pictures & decided to put some of my favorites up here.

Here's little bitty baby Livie within the first couple of days of bringing her home.

And one more within that first week of having her home. It's so sweet how it almost looks like Livia's smiling in this snapshot.

One of the very pictures of me & my hubby - love it. Too bad this shirt totally does not fit me at all anymore!

One of my sis-in-law, Kendra & her hubby (Perry's brother) Matt. This was taken while they were down in Florida.

One of the very first pics I snapped of my nephew, Nolan - he's only 5 in this photo! Now, he's 7 and a half (can't forget that half - I remember until I was like 10, it was always my age and-a-half!)

And here's my niece, Maggie-Boo at the ripe ole' age of 2! She looks like such a princess already, doesn't she?

And last but not least, here's my other little nephew, Garrett. He's just a few months old in this picture & doesn't he just look so sweet?!

One of the very first pictures of the triplets! Oh, they're so very tiny in this picture! Unfortunately I don't know exactly how old they are in this picture. I'm pretty sure it was within that first month that they were born. And I think the order in this picture from left to right is Jay, Meg, Sam... Oh, I'll have to ask my Aunt Tanya on this one!

And here are those little rascals for their first Halloween. My Momma took this one on her camera & you can see the date stamp - how clever is that?! Anyway, I know the order in this one goes Meg, Sam, Jay from front to back.
These the pic of the kids in these costumes made me think of a really funny story. I originally wanted to dress Livia up as a cow for her 1st Halloween this year and dress myself up as a milk-maid. Yes, I know that would have been totally backwards! But also quite funny :o)

This is one of my favorite young-and-hot pictures of my husband. This was taken back when he was in the Marine Corps. He served honorably for 5 years & got out just a few months before 9/11.

And one of my favorites of me - my Momma took this picture when I was about 4 I think. Not exactly sure, but I know I sure do love it! It looks so professional.

Here's one that my sis-in-law, Kendra, sent me just a few days ago - Perry & Nolan. I think we established that this was back in summer of '05! Don't they both look so young & handsome?

Me & my Daddy at one of my college track meets. A little piece of me still wishes I could be in track, but honestly I'm perfectly happy with the memories.

Obviously as the pic says, this is my husband & his mom after his friend Donny's wedding. I adore his smile in this photo!

My sis Laura & me a very looong time ago! I love this picture for so many reasons. One because I remember my Mom saying, "Girls, act like ya love each other!" We look so sweet in this photo, like we'd never fight... riiiiight.

And finally, one of Perry, his brother (Matt), & his mom while he was home on leave. He's so dang skinny in this picture!

Well, anyway, I'll have to get some more new pictures up next time! love to all & God Bless.

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Conservative SuperMom said...

I love the "old" pictures! Where does time go??