Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas with the Triplets!

I'm forever running behind on getting pictures up here...I'm still putting up some from Christmas! Maybe getting pictures up in a more timely manor should also be on my list of 2008's goals. Anyway, these pics are from just this past Sunday when we had Christmas with my Mom's side of the family. I screwed up though - I brought the zoom lens and forgot the regular lens for my camera. So I was a bit limited on the shots I could take...still managed to get some really good ones though!

Jay, Meg & Sam - This was the only pic I could get of all three at once. And Meg isn't even looking my way!

My Dad & Sam playin around before the unwrapping fun had begun.

Livia looks completely awed by all the presents. More likely she was just looking at all the wrapping paper & bows

I just loved this one of Meg & Sam - Meggie had her cute little pink sparkley outfit on (what a little princess!) and just look at Sam's cow boots. If only they came in my size...!

My cousin Travis tickling Sam with Amy (Trav's wife) sitting beside them

My Aunt Tanya & Princess Meg sitting together getting ready to open presents

Jay's very concentrated on getting into a gift in this pic

Perry held and played with Livie while they watched the triplets open presents. Livia got so excited when the wrapping paper started flying!

Meggie got her Daddy to lift her up high on the banister so she could look around on everyone in the room

I can't believe I was lucky enough to get a pic of her little grin! She doesn't let it sip very often...

I guess there are advantages to only having the zoom lens on me this time!

Jay decided he wanted up right after Meg got down - I love how he looks just like a little monkey!

Sam joined him very shortly thereafter

Sammie looks so comfortable, like it's absolutely nothing being up a few feet higher.

Sam & Jay just loved being up on the banister!

Meg wasn't really interested in what the boys were doing. Megan was seeing how tall she could stack the blocks - she got 'em pretty high!

Perry's holding Livia like a baby in this pic. She hardly ever lets us get by with that anymore! Only when she's got something in her hands to keep her occupied or when she's getting very sleepy - which was the case on this day!

Just a short time after that, Livia fell fast asleep. Here my Aunt Dana is holding Livie while she napped.

So sweet

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