Thursday, January 17, 2008

Livie's a Standin Again!

As I was fixing dinner tonight, I sat Livia in her crib to play...but I shouldn't really be surprised that she had absolutely NO desire to sit at all.

She's become a pro at using the side of her crib to stand up.

Even the side of the crib that's against the wall. I like this just fine - I don't worry about her going over the edge!

And she's also learned that she can use the crib to 'walk' to the end where the lights & sounds show is that my wonderful Aunt Tanya sent for her to use. She absolutely LOVES it! She liked it ok when she was just a teeny little baby, and now she's just fascinated with it.

You can see her grinning from ear to ear watching the lights & sounds show... You may also see that she's standing without using her hands! She's kinda leaning against the back of the crib, but how cool is this?!

Oh, she's such a happy little girl! One hand on the lights & sounds show, and the other hand holding her 'taggies' mouse (and putting it in her mouth, of coarse). You can't tell, but she's grinnin like a monkey!

Looks like she's waving in this picture - almost like she's saying, "Hey Mom! See, I told you I'm such a big girl!"

And she finally plopped back down - show's over...for now!

Love to all & God Bless!

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