Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Today is my litte Livia's 3rd Birthday!!!

I'm looking back, and I cannot believe it's been more than 2 weeks since my last update... 

(! I'm falling into old habits again! MUST regain control of free-time!!!!)

But back to the matter at hand:

Livia's 3rd Birthday!!!

I must say that this Birthday year has been the most fun thus far! Liv was just SO cute all day today: "I'm three!!! I'm not two anymore; I'm a big girl now!!!" I must have sang "Happy Birthday" to her 2 or 3 dozen times... And she just grinned from ear-to-ear every single time! She even squealed with delight a few times.

We started out the day just after her Daddy left for work (I felt so bad that she didn't wake up in time for him to tell her 'Happy Birthday' before he had to leave...) But at any rate, Liv requested one of her favorite movies as of late:  Kung Fu Panda; how could I say 'no' to the Birthday Girl?! She wanted TONS of chocolate milk, and really didn't to eat anything until almost 10! (Trust me, I tried to get her to eat breakfast before then) Well, at any rate... She finally did eat, and was then excited to spend some time outside playing & drawing with her sidewalk chalk.

Before we knew it, it was nap-time (haha, for me as well today! I could NOT sleep last night; I just kept thinking about how my little girl was just about to be 3!) After she woke up, Livia requested: "Please wanna bo [go] to Ollie Garden?" And so it was: we went to Olive Garden for a her birthday! She was SUCH a doll; very well behaved, and superb manners; she even made friends with one of the restaurant's manages in the bathroom. She was so enamored with Liv, that she ended up sending out a free piece of cake for my sweet little girl! 3 lit candles & everything!!!

You can see by the photo that was she was just tickled pink!

The waitress & I sang 'Happy Birthday' to Liv...
And Livia took a BIG breath...
And blew out ALL the candles!

Just after we left Livia's favorite restaurant, I saw that we were within mere meters of a Toys R Us; I knew it was fate! Livia has just been begging for a certain present. What certain present? Well I don't think it should surprise ANYONE that Livia was wanting a camera! Can you imagine my delight?! Cameras are certainly something that I've researched heavily, and knew that Toys R Us is one of the few stores that carries the one I specifically wanted to get for Liv. I even tested her several times: "Would you rather have [this] or the camera? ... [That] or the camera? ..." EVERY time, the camera won!

Just as we were leaving the store, Perry called to see where we were; he was on his way to Wal Mart. We'd promised to meet up there to get Liv her other big Birthday present:
A 'Big Girl' Bike!

My husband was so proud strolling her towards the check-out!

I told Liv that she looked SO big!

And then she dropped her little shades down:
Haha! My little biker chick!!! How cute is she?!

So, that was the most of Liv's wonderful little 3rd Birthday!

Below are just a few photos I managed to snap of Liv after we got home... How obvious is it that she adores her new camera?

This weekend, we'll head back into Indiana to meet up with the fam & to celebrate with them; hopefully many more pics & updates to come!!!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY once again, little Miss Livia!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Professional Pics

The pictures to follow are the proofs from our photo session at Portrait Innovations this past Tuesday. There were WAY too many good pics to choose from, and I think the hubby was a little shocked about how much I ended up spending... until he saw the photos for himself! I think after that, he was actually quite happy I didn't spend more!

Be warned, there are some not-so-good's in here, but I wanted to include all the pics that were taken. Livia will surely want to shoot me one of these days! Until then, enjoy!

There are SO many good ones to choose from -- just from this outfit!
Liv in her little bomber jacket
from Dan & Cindy (Michael's parents)
Some really cute poses!
And I love her pretending to fly (below)

Attitude & cuteness!

LOVE these shots (above & below)

We didn't have as many successes with her Easter Dress... But thankfully, we still managed some really cute ones:
Not too bad...

And more that aren't that bad...

Ugh... all fake-y smiles

The one below isn't too bad!

And I love these w/the black background


But this next background switch brought out the absolute worst in Liv... I'm almost embarrassed to show these, but I figure someone out there may need a laugh:
Eyes closed, but otherwise ok-ish --^

And definitely one of the best of this scene --^

And another that isn't bad at all --^

After this point is when it gets ugly...
Livia is actually doing her 'ugly face' in these!

Laughing--^ OK better...

Ugh... But now we're right back to the 'ugly face'

A good one!!! Hallelujah!!!

Being silly, stinking out her tongue...

And fake-y smiles

Looking up just like we told her to...

But finally, one more good one:

So then it was on to the next outfit, and we got in some pictures of the two of us:

Love these  :-)

Lots of good ones!

Not crazy about me in these, but Liv looks so cute!

Again, LOVE these!!!

And now, just Liv in her cute little Summery dress from Aunt Laura & Uncle Michael:

Some very cute ones...!

And MORE cute ones!

Just adore her on the beach scene!
How sweet & innocent does she look in the pic?!

More cuteness

WHEW!! And that's finally it! See why I had such a hard time in choosing?! Luckily, we'll have plenty to hand out to our friends & relatives! Hope to get some Easter/weekend pics up in the next day or two... Wish me luck!