Sunday, January 20, 2008


Today was somewhat bittersweet - my sweet little baby is growing more every day, and this day she seemed to grow before my very eyes...!

I went to church as I most often do on Sundays, Livia showed off her patty-cakes, said Da-Da, & babbled during the service... She seemed to enjoy church as much as I did! I hope to raise her up so that she loves & looks forward to church as much as I do. Oh, I don't want to give a sermon in this entry - though I do want to give God special thanks for answered prayers and for speaking to my heart today.

Back to Livia's exciting day!

After we got back to her Grandma & Grandpa's house after church, we had a wonderful lunch, we cleaned up, and Livia got in a nap. A very teeny tiny nap of like 30 minutes! Anyway, then we were all playing with her in the living room when my Mom & Dad decided to try to let her scoot around on her own.

Imagine our surprise when she started getting up on her hands & knees & CRAWLING!!! We've been working with her for several weeks - she's been itching to get mobile for like a month or two at least. Up til now, she's just been rolling and kinda scooting backwards. We were just starting to think that she might skip crawling all together. Once again, she proves us wrong :)

I really didn't get much of any pictures - I was just wanting to get all her crawling captured on video (There were several - I restrained myself from putting them all on here! I'm such a proud mommy!) I wanted to show them all to her Daddy after we got back home (which he was very glad to see)

This one that I did get of her crawling was later in the evening after she'd had a bath.

Oh, yes she definitely needed a bath! Why?

Well, Livia also tried her first cookie today! It was actually a Gerber Biter, made for little kiddos.

And how sweet is this?! She's offering to share her yummy treat with the baby doll :)

Even though Livie really made a mess, it was totally worth it! She loved her 'cookie' so much that I ended up having to take it away just after this pic. Not worth her getting choked.

So the reason for her getting a bath is pretty obvious!

And just after her bath we did more crawling, playing and...

watching the grandfather clock. Livia LOVES the clock!

Every time it chimes she patty-cakes and grins from ear to ear!

Even though Baby-Boo sometimes acts like she could stay up all night, she does eventually tire out...

With a little help from her Grandma, she was out cold within minutes.

We may have made a mistake by laying her in the living room near the clock...

She was in the middle when we first put her down - every time the clock would chime, Livia woke up & scooted a little. How cute is this?!

I know this was a very long entry, but I was just so excited about everything that happened today. I wanted to make sure to write it all down. Aunt Tanya, thank you SO much for introducing me to this wonderful way of recording Livia's life. And thank you to all who care to read our little stories.

Love to all & may you all be truly blessed by God as much as I have been!

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The Dairy Wife said...

Oh, she crawled! Watch out world! How wonderful for her. How busy you'll be! Do you need the colored gates we have?

Love, Tan