Friday, February 1, 2008

Still Loopy But Couldn't Resist!

My apologies if I make no sense whatsoever. I just have so much I want to get up here! We've had so many adventures this week - new things to show off, funny stories, outings & visits... We are just so busy around here! And by 'we' I mean Livie. Mommy's had a hard time keeping up with her this week! I'll start with this past Sunday out at her Grandma & Grandpa's.

She showed us all afternoon how she could crawl around... No longer with her sweet little over-exaggerated arm movements. The first few days her little arms swung all the way around and she placed on hand ever so carefully in front of the other...
Crawling is an old-hat for her now! Now she just gets where she wants to go as quick as she can.

So NOW guess what she can do (other than look like a total sweetie!)

Yep, she can do her da-dul-da-dul-da's using her hand! She's been able to do it with her tongue for several weeks now, and just within the last few days she can do it using her hand.

This pic just cracks me up!! She looks like she's hitting her chest & getting ready to give the "peace-out" sign! She's really still making noises with her hand.

And one more close-up of her being a little cutie.

I just absolutely loved this shot. She was just gazing, looking around sitting on I think her grandma's lap. I sat down & got some beautiful shots from down below her. I don't know what it is about this picture, but I simply adore it.

And finally, Livie shows us how happy she is! She's almost always in such a great mood. I'm so lucky to have such a great baby!

Oh, also - another quick note. I purposely didn't edit out her little chapped cheeks. I've been battling her dry skin even more since the cold, dry weather set in. I've used everything from baby lotion to sensitive big-kid lotion to Vaseline. Nothing seemed to work.
Earlier this week I ran over to my neighbor's house to help her out with a little accident. While I was over there another one of her friends (Kristin) came over to help out as well. Kristin noticed Livia's little chapped face. She was so sweet - she didn't want to offend me or make it seem like she was telling me how to raise my child. Kristin asked what I'd been using, then she asked if she could make a suggestion. Are you kidding? I'd be more than happy to get any advice or help I can!
She told me about something called Aquaphor. I was warned that it was a little pricey, but that's the last thing I care about! Well, I got it just a couple of days ago and it's already working a miracle. It really seems to be clearing her up, and I'm so thankful for the advice. So, anyone out there with baby advice LET ME HAVE IT!!
I'm starting to feel a lot better, although still a bit groggy from the medicine. Wish me luck on that! Anyway, hope everyone out there is doing well. Love to all & God Bless!

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