Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Inspiration

My husband is more than my best friend, confidant, and lover. He really is my inspiration...
Just a little background about him - his name is William Perry Fultz III, born on October 30, 1977. At work he's Will; around here, he's Perry. He served our country for 5 years as a Marine and was honorably discharged in 2001 - just 3 months before 9/11.

I didn't meet him until summer of 2003...we talked, got to know each other, even went out on a couple of dates. But for some reason we just didn't really hit it off. To this day I don't really know why we didn't 'click.' I thank God that I met him again! He's my reason that I don't belive in love at first sight; I believe in love at second sight. Anyway, when Perry & I met up again at the very beginning of 2006 we both fell pretty fast - we were married in December of that year!

The one thing I haven't mentioned about my husband is that he's a smoker. He has been for almost half his life. He's very good at hiding it when he wants to though. Very few of his customers realize he smokes, and I didn't even know he's a smoker until after our 1st date the second time around. He let me know from the get-go that he never planned to quit. After our little daughter was born & he still didn't express any interest in quitting, I guess I never expected him to want to.
It seems all that has changed. For the last month or so, Perry's been talking more and more about wanting to quit. At first, I really thought it was just talk. I realized it wasn't just talk yesterday when he called me... I was out at my parents' visiting with them - they watched Livia for us the night before so that we could go out for New Year's. Anyway he called me to tell me about something he'd typed & put up in the bathroom...

He's phychologically programming himself to hate smoking & make it easier to quit. I'll be praying for him a LOT! I'm already so proud of him though. The fact that he sees how bad smoking is for him and that he wants so badly to hate it &'s a big step. And no matter what, we're with each other every step of the way on our journey through life together.

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