Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scary Weather

After not posting anything for a couple of days, it stinks that I have to report bad weather. And although things didn't really go the way I wanted them to this evening, I definitely feel like God was with me & all my family.

I was planning on going out to my Mom & Dad's after they got off work. I didn't even really think much of it when Mom told me that there were thunderstorm warnings out. I just took a quick glance outside & thought there was nothing to worry about. Dad even called just as I was heading out the door to let me know that if I wasn't headed out soon, the storm might catch me. I told him that I was loading stuff into the car as we spoke, so he just said to be careful.

As I was starting to drive, I saw the thunderstorm line moving from west to east pretty quickly. I hadn't even been on the road 3 or 4 minutes when it just cut loose!

At first it was just a heavy rain, but then the sky began to throw pea-sized hail along with crazy-strong winds. I was scared for a moment that my car was going to topple over! Then, as quickly as the storm arrived, the worst seemed to be over.

It was about then that Mom & Dad called me back to tell me that I oughta just turn on around. I wasn't may be 5 of 10 minutes away from home, so I did exactly as they suggested.

As I was on the phone with them, they also had a nice little scare...!

They were on the very last leg of their journey home while I was talking to Mom & suddenly something really startled her - a cable was down & caught around their car!! At first she didn't know if it was a power line or something like a cell phone line... Dad answered that question for her. He just 'tested' it!! He could've been shocked to death!!!

A bit further down the road, an actual power line was completely down. They ended up backing up & taking another route home. I'm really glad they made it safely.

So, I made it back with no problems, Perry made it home even before I got back; Matt and Kendra & the kiddos are OK, and my Mom & Dad are finally home safely (even though they have no electricity...!) Unfortunately these are all I have personally talked to & know that they are all right.

I'll just have to trust in God that everyone else is safe & sound as well. The weather was very scary, and I know there were a lot of accidents & damage. But I know God was really watching over my loved ones tonight, just like He does every night.

I was told that my Church had about a third of it's roof blown off... But it could have been much worse. I'll definitely have those who have suffered damages & as well as those without electricity in my prayers tonight. Also in my prayers, thanks for protecting and blessing me & my family.

Love to all & God Bless

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The Dairy Wife said...

Power came back on this afternoon ... thank goodness.

It was a bad storm and scared me & "I ain't afraid of nuthin'" Ha~

I wrote my version of "The Storm" on my blog ... don't laugh too hard!