Monday, January 14, 2008


The title says it all - these pics are a bit surprising to say the least!

This first shot isn't really all that shocking to me. I see it all the time when I'm out at my parents.

They have a kittly, Henry, and his food bowl is right out back on the deck. Well, Henry isn't the only one who enjoys this food...!

A big healthy SKUNK feasting on kitty food!

And this isn't the only skunk that comes around - my parents tell me that there are several that show up to chow down.

When you think about country critters, these guys aren't necessarily the 1st that come to mind (deer, 'coons, 'possums, squirrells...) but they're definately the stinkiest! What do you do when you have a skunk at your house? If you 'scare' it away, it'll probably just spray. Doesn't seem to bother my parents though. They just knock on the door and shoo them away. (With no sprays as of yet) Count your lucky blessings, city folk!

Now this next picture of is Livia with her 1st experience with sweets - a Christmas candy cane to be exact. It was so cute to see her holding on to it, sucking around on it (ok, more like drooling on it!)

It was just a surprise to see this little baby... not really looking much at all like a baby. My little Livia Rachelle is a growin' up!

I think more than anything, Livia was just happy to have something in her little hands that tasted so sweet. And for once Mommy didn't snatch it right away.

It was after I'd gotten back to my house & was trying to get Livia settled down for bed that I got a surprise that left me almost speechless.

I had just put Livie down in her bed so I could change out her trash. I heard her squealing as I walked back to see about her...and as I walked into her room I saw Livia standing up in her crib!

At first, all I could say was, "Holy cow!!!" I wasn't even out of her room more than a minute! After I regained my composure, I grabbed my camera to get Livia in action (she was now using the side of the crib to help her bounce!)

Livia's been trying to pull herself all the way up for a few weeks, and it looks like all of a sudden she figured it out. And oh, she laughed & laughed! I guess Livie got as big of a kick as I did out of her new trick. WOW!

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