Thursday, January 10, 2008

From Steamy Showers to Bubble Baths

I haven't willingly taken a bath in years. But watching my baby daugher splash & play in her little tub has actually made me start to I finally getting back to the age where baths could be fun again?
I love my showers. Whether they're 2 minutes, 10 or 20 minutes. I love the way the water cascades down my back & washes away the stress of the day. But how relaxing would it be to lay down in a bubbly tub? I have the perfect bathtub for adult baths too. It's bigger than most tubs - it comes about up to my knees and is just a bit longer, too. Another perk is that it's a jet tub - great for making bubbles, right?
The only thing is, baths aren't as easy to get in & out quickly. If I were to draw up water for a bath, I'd feel cheated if I didn't get to spend at least 20 minutes in it. Baby-Boo would definately have to be asleep for the night. Maybe next time I get Livia down early in the night I think I just might be ready to give baths another chance.
Until then, the sweet pics of little Livie having a BALL with her bathtime

Livia looks SO much like her Daddy in this picture! I may have to prove that later!

This is the duck my parents got Livie for Christmas. Looks like she's thinking "Hmmm...tastes like chicken."
The duck's really cool, it has a color changing circle that will tell you if the water's too hot for baby.

Livia & her squishy fishy

Splish splash!! I love how you can see the little water droplets from her splashes.

This one's definately my fav - I think the faded black & white just rocks :o)

More tomorrow, I'm sure... Love to all and God Bless!

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