Friday, October 30, 2009


To my wonderful husband:  The Love of my life, the Father of our child, my Best Friend for now - and forever.  I love you with all my heart and soul, and I am truly grateful for every day that I have with you!

Happy Birthday, William Perry Fultz III !

Livia's First Prayer

All on her own, that is! We say her bedtime prayer with her every single night, and she knows it by heart ("Now I lay me down to sleep, Pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I Pray the Lord my soul to take. Amen!") But yesterday, something remarkable happened...

It had been raining almost all day... Dreary, cloudy, gloomy... But for just a few very brief moments, the clouds broke just enough for a little miracle.

We were on the way back from Day Care, and we saw the most beautiful rainbow in the sky. Livia absolutely loved it! But all too soon, the sun was back behind the clouds. And our rainbow faded into a beautiful memory.

Livia said, "Mommy, please wanna see da rainbow again?"

I said, "Livia, I can't bring back the rainbow. I'm sorry, baby..."

"Why not, Mommy?"

"Well, becaue God is the only one who can bring the rainbow back, because He made the rainbow. You'll have to ask God if you want to see the rainbow again."

So Livia said:  "Dear, God... Please wanna see da rainbow again? AMEN!"

I knew in my heart-of-hearts that the rainbow wouldn't come back... There wasn't a chance of the clouds breaking. She even said her little prayer 2 more times. I wondered what my little girl would do after she realized that her very first prayer wouldn't be answered...

A few minutes later, my answer came. Livia said, "Mommy, God maked da rainbow! Didn't He?"

I smiled the biggest smile ever and said, "Yes, Livia! He did make the rainbow! (then, still smiling, and saying almost more to myself) God is SO good, isn't He?"

"Yes, Mommy -- God's SO good!"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to the Grindstone!

After a spectacular weekend with my husband up at French Lick, it's back to work and our usual routine... Which actually isn't too bad since we have all these wonderful memories and great pictures from our trip. And I can't wait to share some! But for now, I'll leave just a couple of the very best photos of this super weekend... OK, well, at least the very best little girl!

Just before church at Nana & Papaw's

I just love that my mom curled Liv's hair

So, more to come later in the week about this past weekend (God willing there won't be too much mandatory overtime!) Much love and God's Blessings to you all!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 And a Half...

Today I realized that Livia is officially 2 & a half... I can't believe it was only 6 months ago that she was turning two! The time just goes by so fast...

With happy memories of Liv's 2nd Birthday, I decided to do an extra flashback to that wonderful day:

My Birthday Princess

We were so blessed to have friends & family there to attend Livia's Party. We decided to have it at Logans Roadhouse, mostly because they have good food at a very decent price. It was also a nice centralized location, so no one had to drive a great distance.

I got lots of wonderful pictures of Livia, and her guests. There were loads of photos, but I've picked out some of my favorites:

Here's Livia with her cousins:  Maggie, Nolan, & Garrett

I think this is actually one of the last times we saw them... Gosh, I miss those kids  :o(  Life just gets too busy sometimes, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get Liv over to see them for Halloween.
Livia & Maggie ~ Sweetest Friends

I also got some great pictures of the boys:
Nolan is so handsome, and he has such a great personality!

And Garrett - how cute it he?!

Livia just loves Garrett!
And of course I do too.
I can SO see his Daddy in him!

Speaking of, I even got one of Matt & Kendra:
They are such a beautiful couple  :o)

I also got one of Perry taking Liv over to her Papa Bill

 Livia just loves her Papa Bill

And she loves her Papaw too:

 My Dad had Livia a good portion of the evening

Though I did manage to get one of Livie & her Nana:

My Mom holding Liv with her best friend, Anne.

And finally, one of Liv with her Great-Gramma Pat:

She's actually wearing the shirt Gramma gave her!

More pictures I got of Livia with friends and family:

Shannon getting a kick outa Liv's singing

And Liv with her Uncle Michael & Aunt Laura

Michael was such a ham at the party! Case in point:

Yup, that's the man my sister married!

I still say they're a cute couple  :o)

 Our cousin Dakota was there too -- I love him to pieces.

So, back to Liv and her Party:

The very fun part came when her personal B-day cake came out:

She was so intrigued with that little cake!

She even did a good job blowing out the candles (no pics tho)

 And she loved the taste!

What proceeded to follow was reminiscent of her 1st Birthday:

Oh she was a mess!
But she also had a fabulous time, as any 2-year-old should!

Apart from one minor melt-down while opening presents, she was such a happy Birthday Girl. She kinda lost it when her Mommy didn't want her trying on all her new clothes. She seemed almost more excited about the clothes than the toys! Oh, what a girl she truly is!

Just a couple of pics of Livia all-smiles

I was blessed with so many wonderful memories of this day. One memory is somewhat bittersweet though... The last picture I'll ever have of my daughter with her Great-Aunt Melanie (and my Dad):

You probably wouldn't know from this picture, but dear Melanie was in the midst of battling Stage IV Lung Cancer... She was diagnosed towards the later part of last year, and at first we were all really hopeful since she was doing so well. My Aunt welcomed her second grandchild just a month after Liv's Birthday, and I know that Baby Jayla really helped to keep Melanie fighting.

Just less than 2 months ago, my Aunt Melanie lost her battle with cancer, and went Home. How I've prayed for my cousins & Jim (her husband)... I can't imagine loosing my own Mother at such a young age (47). But I also wouldn't wish for her one day more upon this earth. She was in so much pain... And now she's in in a place with "no more sorrows, no more pain". (I Will Rise - Chris Tomlin).

I still get tears in my eyes every time I hear that song. And I love the Spirit in which it was written. Chris has explained the inspiration behind that beautiful song, and here's just a small exert:

"Toward the end of the 'How Great is our God Tour,' Louie [Giglio] challenged me to write a song of worship for people in their hardest time of grief. We were talking about the reality that we need more songs like the hymn 'It is Well' that can be sung as worship and hope at a funeral; to be able to find words to say and sing in that moment of sorrow when you lose someone you love..."

Praise God for songs like that! To God be the Glory, for it is through Him that ALL things are done! Amen.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Picture Day

Today was picture day at Day Care, and this was Livia's very first School Photo! I was so excited... This is after spending days pondering what cute little outfit I'd put her in, and after talking with her over and over about how we smile for the photographer. I was so excited that it almost felt like it was my first picture day!

So this morning I dressed her in the cutest little polka-dot outfit, french braided her hair (and BEGGED her not to take it out),  and reminded her once again to smile nicely for the camera. By the time we had to leave, I had no time for morning pictures. I just had to hope against all odds that Liv would do well for her 1st School Picture.

Perry picked Livie up very early this afternoon; he had a very early morning meeting, and he was missing her like crazy! He took her to the park, and then to McDonalds -- gee, I wonder why Daddy always seems to be the favorite?!?

So by the time I finally got home, I thought there was no way Livia would be in any condition for pictures... I was pleasantly surprised that Liv still looked very nice! Her hair was still braided, her outfit wasn't even dirty, and she was still excited about the pictures today. So even though it was getting dark outside, I just couldn't resist:

She's chattering away in this photo, but I still love it!

Is it bad that she looked just as cute from the back?!

And one on our front steps just before we went back inside.

I cannot wait to see how the school pics turned out! Perry said that her teachers all told him that without a doubt she would have one of the cutest pictures.

On a side note, our office is absolutely insane with its temperature! In the middle of summer it feels like 60º, whereas now (when it really is 60º or less out there) it feels like 85º! Sooo, I guess I need to put on a summer shirt under my sweaters for the rest of the winter. What a hoot!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ordinary Miracles

As I was looking though the photos of the day, that song seemed to play in the background of my mind. I realized that much of what we did today is done almost every Sunday; just another ordinary Sunday. Yet it's somewhat of a miracle -- we leave our craziness in the city for just a bit, and go to another world. Our little world out in the country with my Mom & Dad. And on this day, the triplets as well!

All outside on this beautiful, brisk fall day

Livia just loves the swing...
Though she's not actually swinging in this pic

So Meggie gave her cousin some much needed help!
What are friends for, right?

We all had bunches of fun on this lovely Sunday.

Picking up nutes...

My Mom and Jay

And riding the tractor:

 My Dad and Sam

Then Jay got a turn to ride:

With Sam right beside him

Livia was riding her Dora bike...
when she caught sight of the tractor. It just looked so fun!

So she made her way toward the boys...

And of course they let her have a turn to try to ride!

Shd didn't go far, but she just loved being on the tractor.

And no Sunday would be complete without a trip to the farm. We usually walk over there, but it was so chilly outside that we decided to drive instead. Meg objected at first, but then we reminded her that she would have to walk the whole way over to the farm. I usually give her a piggy-back ride, and Liv gets a ride with my Mom or Dad. But my knee was absolutely killing me today. (That's what I get for doing photos in heels yesterday! I guess 5 hours was just too much...)

So here was the back seat of the truck:

My Mom and all 4 kids!

Almost as soon as we all got out, I was freezing. So I really didn't get many pictures out at the farm... But it's the memories that really matter, right? And I'll always remember this day...

The Triplets turned 5 yesterday, and I realized just a short while ago that it would be at this time that Liv would be almost exactly half their age. 2 and a half years apart in age... Each year that age difference will seem less and less significant. I'm 4 years older than my sister, but now that we're all grown up, the age difference doesn't matter at all. All that truly matters is that we love each other.

I'm sorry that I missed their Birthday Party yesterday, but it sounds like they had a wonderful time. I did go to their party last year, and I got lots of great photos! I think I'm going to have to feature their 4th birthday on Flashback Friday this week... Anyway, I'm pretty sure I won't have a wedding to attend next year! So, even though it's a tiny bit belated, HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY MEG, JAY AND SAM!


Just a really quick knee update:  My joints themselves look great, but they are also very loosey-goosey. In fact, all my joints are pretty loose. Without properly training my body to move, they were bound to only get worse, so I'm very glad that I finally went to the doctor...

I've been going to therapy for several weeks now, and I'm really starting to see major improvements in everyday life. I've been doing all the different therapy techniques, I have wonderful knee braces for walking, and I'm learning what they can and cannot handle. I've learned that on walks to the farm, I MUST wear my braces (especially if someone gets a ride). Obviously, last night I learned that they really can't do 5 hours in heels!

Eventually I will be able to run again... It may take a while, but thanks to therapy I'm taking the time to really get it right. Wish me luck along the way!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kellee & Marcus' Wedding/Reception (Just a Glimpse)

This was such a wonderful evening & night! My best friend from college celebrated her marriage to her long-time love. Kellee & Marcus were actually married down in Antigua, and today was their ceremony & reception here in town. They used the Old Courthouse Building downtown, and I honestly never knew how beautiful it is inside until today.

I took hundreds & hundreds of photos, but I've already picked out just a few that really caught my eye:


Don't they make such a beautiful couple?

And one last picture of Kellee:
It was way too cold to take pictures outside, but we were blessed with lots of windows & open areas to let in the the glowing afternoon sun into the Old Courthouse. The whole day was just beautiful! This was a real gift since we just had an entire week of rainy, dreary weather. No sunshine at all.

I thank God for this amazing day, and I pray that God blesses Kellee and Marcus as they officially begin their lives together as husband and wife!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday ~ Aunt Bay's Visit

In late March of this year, my husband's Aunt Beverly (who we all lovingly call Aunt Bay) came down for a visit. Beverly is Trilby's sister, and she came all the way from Mississippi to visit! I tried SO hard to get a photo of Liv & all her cousins with Aunt bay.

The first few shots I got didn't have Garrett in them, and Nolan was really the only one looking at the camera...

 Still a really cute picture though!

Garrett finally came into the scene, but not without his Momma. Poor K~! She was trying so hard to stay out of the photo, but Garrett wouldn't let her leave his side.
 Now Liv & Nolan are not the least bit interested in the camera.

So then I tried to get one with Trilby as well...
And this was probably the best picture I got all evening!

My, how Liv has grown since then! It all goes by but in the blink of an eye...


OK, so there's a little bit of an underlying motive for choosing this particular flashback... Beverly & Danny became grandparents once again today! They have 2 children, Brian & Blair, and today Blair had her very first baby. They welcomed into the world a little boy they named Aiden Joseph (8lb 1oz, 21 1/4", healthy & beautiful). Aiden arrived on his grandpa Danny's birthday -- who could ask for a better present, right!

May God bless Blair and Adam as they begin this new & incredible journey with Aiden. My happy thoughts & prayers are with them; I pray that all continues to go well!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making Time...

Sometimes I get so busy that it's all I can do to squeeze as much as I can into my waking hours -- working, cooking & cleaning, then there's more important things like making time for my family and God, and lately I've even had to make time to sleep! With all the October-activities we already had planned, pile on top of that mandatory overtime at work. Even though I'm a lowly temp, we're all expected to work the required extra hours. That's the way it goes sometimes, right? Well, right now I'm finally making some time to remind myself my I work so hard...  My Livie-Bug!!!!

Some that I never got around to posting a couple of weeks ago of Liv at the farm:

Oh the farm just makes her SO happy!!!

All afternoon there, Livie wanted to see a picture of her Uncle Von. She absolutely adores him (and her Uncle Don) more than they'll ever know. At her young 2 years of age, she knows full well that Uncle Don feeds the cows, and Uncle Von milks the cows. She gets to see her Uncle Don a bit more just because the milk-house is so noisy, and I think she was just really missing Uncle Von on this day.

As soon as he came out from the milk-house, she ran up to him & chattered, "My wanna pict-shur of you!" The triplets' dad grinned, knowing full well what it's like having someone always wanting pictures! But I guess he just couldn't tell Liv 'no' -- He scooped her up (while she was still chattering away about wanting a picture of him) and I got Livie's photo that she wanted so badly:

It's always SO beautiful out at the farm and in the country -- what could possibly be more beautiful than this?

Liv against a gorgeous sunset


Last week was the annual Fall Festival that I've been very much looking forward to (well, at least looking forward to all the yummy food!)

And even though the Fall Fest was rainy several days, our little family managed to get out there on a very nice afternoon. The first thing we did was seek out our personal picks for food. There were well over a hundred booths to pick from, and the organizations were just as varied. I wanted some sweet corn from my Alma Mater (USI) and it was GREAT! Not quite as good as Mom & Dad's, but this time of the year, I was happy to get what I could.

We even gave Livia one of her own:

At first, I don't think she knew what to really do with it -- it was so big that she had a hard time handling it. She certainly liked the taste though!

(Psst -- don't click on this picture to blow it up big unless you want to see the little corn bits all over her face!)

I decided to step in and help out my daughter. Never mind the fact that this gave us the perfect opportunity for some really cute photos, it also gave me an excuse to eat some more yummy corn!

We loved that corn!

We had several other snacks, like corn dogs, lemon shake-ups, a texas tenderloin, and more. Finally, after we had stuffed ourselves silly, we wanted to take Livia to the game area. Though it was so incredibly crowded that we could barely make our way through! We did squeeze our way to the one game I knew Liv would love:  Pick a Duck

And she sure picked a winner!

With her choice of prizes, this was what she chose:

A pink bumpy-ball!

My husband sure got some awesome photos  :o)  Especially for as short a time we were there. Right after the game, we made our way through the even more crowded Fall Festival area, and finally back out to our car.

As soon as we got back home, Livia got a MUCH needed bath and shortly thereafter into bed. She was so sleepy & sweet, and she just kept talking about her ball (she was so proud of her prize!) She actually wanted to go to bed with it, but we promised her that it would be right there in her room waiting for her as soon as she woke up the next morning. I hope she had wonderful dreams that night about our wonderful little fall adventure.