Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Resolutions - For Real.

Yesterday's entry started out as a joke, but I realize I really DO need to make some goals for this year. So with my husband's help that's what I shall now do...

- Keep the house picked up
- Get Livia's picture & scrap books up to date
- Print out more pictures
- Put printed pictures in albums
- Get in a better routine (for me & Livie)
- Don't criticize Perry over small stuff
- Be more understanding
- Make time for me

These are the main things we were able to come up with. I think these are actually pretty reasonable 'resolutions.' None are particularly admirable, but I think they're definately do-able. Having them written down will make me feel more accountable... especially since anyone can see this list & call me out. You know, like for not BEING ON TIME!

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