Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bits & Pieces

During the Christmas season, we spend SO much time getting ready - decorating, wrapping, cooking & cleaning... and I was determined that this year I wouldn't let everything go unnoticed. So, for your enjoyment (or at least mine!) some pieces of Christmas!

There were lots & lots of beautiful ornaments on everyone's trees! The swirley - twirley ones are my sister's tradition to our Mom every year. These are just a few of the ones I really loved. I didn't even get pictures of ornaments at all places - next year, next year :o)

And here's a pic of Livia with an ornament Perry & I got her for Christmas.
On one side, "Livia's 1st Chrstmas" on the other, "Christmas 2007"

And all the presents were wrapped so perfectly, it was almost hard to open them! Actually, at one point it WAS hard to open them since Livia can't really open her own yet! And boy, that sweet little baby racked in the presents :o)

And such beautiful decorations...the white candle is from Michael's Mom. She makes them every year! It's a countdown to Christmas that you burn once a day & the last day it burns is on Christmas. I love red hots - they always remind me of this time of year. The wooden Santa next to the pic frame was carved & painted by my Uncle Don, and the 3 stockings hanging up are Perry's, mine, and Livia's.

And finally, the best pic of all! Livie with the sweetest, most teeny little barrett in her hair. That was a gift from my Mom actually to me - not really meant for kiddos under the age of 3.

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