Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback Friday (Featuring Garrett)

~ Mr. Garrett ~

I've decided that whenever I can, I want to take a quick look at the past on Friday's. I really hope that I can do this every Friday.

Since Garrett's 2nd birthday party is tomorrow, I wanted to feature him today!

This is the first time I ever met Garrett - while he was still in the hospital! His Great-Grandma Norma is giving him a bottle in this picture. Just precious Y

And this is one of the first pictures I have of Perry holding his brand new nephew. It still gives me cold chills & takes my breath away! Who would have known that just over a year later he'd be holding his own baby?!

And here's Garrett at just a few months old being fed by his Great-Grandpa Kenneth. (Garrett's middle name is Kenneth, also - named after his Great-Grandpa!)

And here's Kendra & Matt with little Garrett back in summer of '06. We were all over at Bill & Trilby's for (I think) a birthday.

One more close-up of the little cutie pie I should add that BOTH of these last 2 pics were taken by Nolan at age 6!

This one was just after one of Nolan's ball games later that summer - just look at those beautiful blue eyes :o)

And I definitely remember the day this pic was taken! I had gone over to Kendra's for her to help me with wedding stuff (Yeah, we were planning my wedding back then - how fun!)

Yet another from that day with the beautiful little Miss Maggie.

This one's from Garrett's first birthday...right at a year ago!

And like any one-year-old, he had a BLAST making a mess with his cake!

And then fast-forward to this past summer. Here's Garrett, Maggie, Nolan, & Livia over at their Grandma Trilby & Papa Bill's. We all went over to celebrate both their birthdays since they're so close together.

I just love this one of Garrett looking at Livia in her car seat - he already gets a kick out of her!

Another one from this last summer - Don't you just love the little construction hard-hat?! I was going to say that have no clue what he has in his left hand... But I just remembered what it is! His Papa Bill's cane. That would have bugged me if I didn't figure it out - even though no one else cares!

Sweet little Maggie & Garrett at Pump It Up for Nolan's 7th birthday this past summer.

And here's a SUPER cute one of Garrett, Kendra, Debbie, and Livia just a few months ago. We were all there for Maggie's soccer practice and I couldn't resist this awesome shot!

And here's little Garrett in his MONKEY costume on Halloween '07.
"Hi Mr. Scarecrow! How's it goin... What's your name... Don't talk much, huh?"

Yes, Garrett really IS a monkey! (With banana to prove it)

Garrett and his Daddy (Matt) playing ball on Thanksgiving over at Bill & Trilby's.

One more of Garrett over there - I just think he's such a cutie in this pic. Blond hair, blue eyes - just like his Momma!

From Christmas - Garrett was showing us how much he likes his toys. Think he'll be a baseball player?

These last few Kendra e-mailed to me:

Two paci's? Looks like I'm not the only one with a big mouth! Haha!

A leap of faith into his Daddy's arms - what a little daredevil!

And one last pic of Mr. Garrett peeking out from the closet. Couldn't be any cuter! Love him to pieces and can't wait to see him tomorrow for his b-day party!

Love to all & God Bless!

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Conservative SuperMom said...

What a great post you did on my lil' monkey! Hope you guys had fun at his party today. Thanks again for coming and sharing the day with us.
Garrett just loves his Auntie Amanda, Uncle Perry and sweet lil' Livia! :)
Thanks for your kind words about him. You are a wonderful Aunt to my kiddos.