Saturday, February 16, 2008

Awarding Wings

It's high time I got started on passing on this beautiful award my Aunt - The Dairy Wife gave to me! There were several people I know that came to mind, but the first person that came to my mind was someone who's also quite new to the blogging world. I'm passing this award on to my sis-in-law, Kendra Fultz.

She and I are a lot alike in many ways - we both love our husbands, our kids, and GOD most of all. We love to get together - for us and for the kids. She's an amazing mother and friend; in fact, she's one of my best friends. Even though she technically is my sister-in-law, I prefer to think of her as a sister-by-choice. I said in an earlier post "friends so close they feel like family, and family so close they're also my friends" - yeah, this is totally Kendra! And she really is everything in the Wings of Compassion award.

It's up to you now to pass this on to three bloggers that also fly high with compassion as well! Soon, you'll have many 'blogger friends', and you'll be able to send it out into the blogging world. Whenever you do, and find someone worthy of this award, just link it back to both you, me and the creator of the award - The Dairy Wife.

* I feel I should apologize - for a couple of reasons. Usually when people are nice enough to leave me comments, I get right on the ball to thank them and comment back. I decided since I wasn't online much on Friday that I'd just take care of that after I wrote up Saturday's post. Unfortunately (for reasons explained momentarily) I wasn't able to do this yesterday...

Normally when I go in and make a post, I'll do it up initially, then go back and edit & add more to it. Yesterday just after I posted this, I realized that I had accidentally deleted a folder of pics that I DIDN'T HAVE BACKED UP!!! I immediately called Phil - a great friend, and also my go-to guy on technology issues. He said not to do anything else at all with the computer, and he'd do his best to retrieve them. Well, he came & picked up the computer yesterday...and he was able to save like everything!!

So, here's my second part of the apology. I didn't give this post the refining it deserved. It's really late tonight (it's now Sunday night / Monday morning hours)... but I feel like I 'cheated' in this post. Not only myself, but especially since this is about someone I care a great deal about. So tomorrow, I'm going to put up even more about my wonderful sis-by-choice! Kendra, I love you to PIECES!! And I can't wait to write more about you.

To everyone else, THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to read my ramblings. I especially appreciate it. Love to everyone and may God Bless You All!!

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Conservative SuperMom said...

Awww ~ You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for the kind things you said about me.

Maggie & I had a blast w/you gals last night. You and Livie were the first thing she talked about this morn. :)

Thank you again. Love ya!!!