Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girls' Night Out

So, Kendra's already beaten me getting the pics and story about our night out Saturday - see her pics & story here. I'm going to add to that though, and probably put a few of the same pics up as well. What can I say? A great story is worth telling twice :o)

Like she said, we decided to go out to eat instead of getting take-out. We just thought it'd be really fun! The last time we went out, just us 4 gals was waaay back in the summer/fall of last year! I unfortunately don't remember the date right now, but I have to show off a pic from it...

It was out at Red Lobster and one of the servers saw Maggie looking in at the lobster tank & offered to get one out for her to see up close.

So here's a picture of Maggie touching the lobster! Go Maggie!!!

So anyway, we went out to eat. Perhaps we should have put a little more thought into our plan before we took action though... This past Saturday was 2 days after Valentine's weekend. Which means only half the town plus lots from out of town would be out to eat. And we didn't have a definite plan of even where we wanted to eat. So we drove all around the east side, stopping at more than half a dozen places that sounded good. Every restaurant had at least 35 to 50 minutes wait. Not so good with 2 little ones...
So we drove to the west side where we got in O'Charley's with no wait at all! We had a yummy meal and even got a couple of photos...!

I love this one that Kendra took of us gals - Maggie & Livie were just grinnin like crazy at each other! And see the camera around Maggie's neck?

This is the snapshot she got of me & Liv - pretty cute, huh?!

So then we went back to Kendra's and decided to get a shot of all 4 of us.

Kendra held Livia while I set up the camera with the self timer.

I just love how they're looking at each other!

Unfortunately, it took quite a few attempts to get the camera (and us!) right. Livie got a bit fussy, so I held her while Kendra & Maggie sat to help me frame up the shots.

Aren't they too cute?!

And we did finally get a couple of pretty good pictures of all 4 of us gals.

And I know you can't tell in this pic but Livia and I have very similar jeans on. They both have pink designs on the back pockets - it's just too cute!


Finally, I HAVE to tell this story on Maggie & Livia. While Kendra & I were in the front part of the house, the two little ones were back in Maggie's room playing quietly. I didn't think anything of it til Maggie came running back our way saying, "Livia loves the candy!"

Kendra & I both went quickly back that way, and Maggie told us all about how she found candy (mini M&M's) in her bed. She was just chattering away, and I figured she was just kidding around about Livia eating it. I'd looked in her mouth and couldn't find a darned thing. I then thought to smell her breath, and sure enough, smelled just like an M&M!!

Just writing this now, I'm laughing my butt off!!! Kendra's like "You're never gonna want to bring her over here again!" I just said, "You've gotta be kidding me!" for so many reasons! First off, that's definitely not the worst thing that child has ever had in her mouth. Secondly, I'm sure that Livia will have a younger sibling someday and WHO KNOWS what she'll end up feeding him or her!

Hope everyone else gets a big a kick out of this little story as I did! Love to all and God Bless!

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Conservative SuperMom said...

I love "our girl time" as Miss Maggie would say ~ We must to do it again very soon!!!