Friday, February 29, 2008

Dress Dilemma

Even though my daughter is only 10 months old, I'm already getting pumped for her 1st birthday! I've already decided where & when it will be, and I've even thought about outfits for her. Since she's such a sweet little girl, I wanted a dress that's just as sweet!

I've had Lidl Dolly dresses on the brain big time! My sweet sis got one for Livia last year when she went to Gatlinburg, and I'm still in love. But just last night, I was out shopping with my Mom & Laura at JCPenny's - and I found another dress that is just absolutely adorable! And it just looks like a party dress! Take a gander...(The polka dots definitely remind me of her Auntie KeeKee)
Is it not the cutest little thing?!

And of coarse I got a matching sweater-jacket for it. Don't want Baby-Boo to get cold!

Here's a close-up of all the cute layers. You can even see the little matching undershorts-y things sticking out underneath.

And as SUPER cute as that polka dot dress is, I'm still contemplating getting the Dolly Dress too... I mean, Livia was just SO precious in the little dress that Laura Belle got for her last year - wait! I'll just have to prove it!
Liv was only 6 weeks old in this pic - seems like such a long time ago! She's grown SO much...

So, here's the one I'm thinking about getting now:
They come in several colors, but with Livia's blue eyes I thought this one would just be perfect!

With all the ruffles, lace, & bow it's just darling!

So, what does anyone think? Should I get the Lidl Dolly dress too? Or just use the Party Polka Dot dress? I'm completely torn! I love them both SO MUCH! Suggestions would be very appreciated :o) Love to all and God Bless!


MaryBeth said...

Contrary to the fact that I dress all four of my girls in pink on a regular basis, I am actually not a very "girly" girl myself. I say go with the polka dots, but I hope you get lots of other opinions here! Either way she'll be the beautiful belle of the ball at her very 1st Birthday Party!

The Dairy Wife said...


Did you know "The Attic" in Mt. Carmel has all the foo-foo dresses too ...and you can see them in person and know what you're getting. They have the frilliest socks too!

I love the Polka Dots dress best though ... it looks so "birthday". She'll have to have a "first birthday bracelet" to match won't she?


Lucy said...

Hi Amanda, Your little princess would look just as adorable in either dress. I agree that the polka dot number is so very little girl party dress and the blue frilly dress defiantly would bring out her most gorgeous blue eyes. Now here is my suggestion: why can’t she wear both? The first should be the blue frilly number to greet her guests in and a quick change into the polka dot party dress for when the party is in full swing. Hope that helps. Best wishes to you all.

Egghead said...

Well I like the polka dot dress for a birthday party. The other although I love it reminds me of those little miss pageants. I also think it makes a baby look older. But it is just my should put the dress on her that you love the most. That is what counts.

Nan said...

I agree with you that the polka dot dress says birthday party all over it!