Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Garrett!

Today is Garrett's 2nd birthday! Perry, Livia, & I were lucky enough to celebrate with him yesterday at Chuck E. Cheese's (Where a kid can be a kid - and where grown-ups act like 'em too. Har har!) Here are just a few of the awesome pics I got at his party

Mr. Garrett opening up his presents - here he's holding a baseball book we got him.

Garrett had lots of help getting through all his wonderful gifts!

One of the cutest gifts was a Curious George ball. Just perfect for Garrett in every way!

A beautiful picture of Kendra's sweet Mom, Debbie & her grandson.

And how cute is Miss Maggie in her polka dots?! Love it! Y

Here's Kendra & Melody (Kendra's cousin) helping Nolan & Maggie their pic 'drawn' by Chuck E.

An absolutely awesome picture of Matt, Kendra, & Birthday Boy!

And one more of Garrett

Of coarse I had to get one of me & Livie before we left.
I had us in little matching outfits, and Perry offered to snap a couple of pics for us - glad he did!

We had SO much fun at Garrett's birthday party. I joked at the beginning of this post that this place tends to make grown-ups act like kids too, well it's totally true! Perry & I both went over to the skeeball area, and noticed that there was NOT ONE KID actually playing! It was all "big kids."
After a little wait, Perry started playing & was bound and determined to get the score to get 100 tickets. I couldn't believe it, but he actually DID get it! I played a couple of games myself - I was horrible, but I had a blast! And of coarse we both gave all the tickets we 'won' to the kiddos.

After we left, within minutes Livia was out like a light

I had to get this picture - not only is she a little doll baby, but this was her very first ride in a forward-facing car seat! Her wonderful Aunt KeeKee (aka Kendra) gave it to us last week, and I'm SO grateful to her! Is it any wonder why I love her to pieces?

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Conservative SuperMom said...

You are so good ~ I have not posted anything about Matt or Garrett's bday on my blog! I'm awful. I'm just thankful you post it and I can remember it there!

His party was lots of fun! Did you get to hear Garrett sing Happy Birthday? It's so funny.