Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Same can be Different

I'm so blessed. I have such a wonderful family - a loving, handsome husband... a sweet, beautiful little baby girl... two amazing, supportive parents... friends so close they feel like family, and family so close they're also my friends. Is it selfish for me to want more?

This evening I realized that though I love being around people, I think it's also really important to take time to be alone with my thoughts once in a while. Even if it's just a couple of times a week, I do think it's ok to want 'more.' More than the monotony of everyday, even if every day is different... More than being with everyone I love, even though they are everything to me. Even with the fantastic day that I had today, I still wanted something more...

I figured out tonight that my 'more' is taking just a little bit of time to be totally alone - except for my camera of coarse!

So even though the temp wasn't even 20ยบ outside, I decided to go for a short walk just to be by myself. As I walked, I thought about how lucky I am. How much I enjoy being able to stay at home with my daughter. How happy my life is. Even how fortunate I am to live in an area that has such varied seasons! (If you don't like the weather, stick around for a week or so... we can go from winter to spring or summer temps - and back again - in like no-time flat. Welcome to southern Indiana!)

It's funny how all these things don't even seem to matter until I don't have them right in front of me. Well, that's not right. They definitely matter - I just don't notice them until they're not there to notice.

So as I walked down the middle of where I think the sidewalk is... looking around at my ice-encrusted, winter-y white world... I thought about how differently things look - even though they're exactly the same. If I were to freeze any moment of any day in my life, anyone would say I'm beyond blessed. Sometimes it takes looking at things just a little differently to see what you really have.

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E and T said...

Oh Amanda,how right you are. I love those moments where you stop, see things differntly and feel overwhelmed at how blessed you are. The feeling of truly appreciating and not taking for granted precious family and all that is good.