Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why I Love My Kendra!

I wrote a few days ago a bit about why my super sweet, beautiful sis-in-law is someone who definitely deserves 'Wings of Compassion.' I feel so lucky that God has brought Kendra into my life... Or was I technically brought into hers...? Oh well! The point is, I'm so very glad that I have her!

With the Wings of Compassion award, there are six words that The Dairy Wife put on it: Integrity, Spirit, Faith, Hope, Kindness, and Good. I cannot even express how much Kendra truly is all these things! These words are the embodiment of her life. I don't know if the gal has a mean bone in her body, and there's nothing she wouldn't do for a friend.

The most important thing in her life is God. And she is already instilling this in her kiddos! She is raising her 3 children in the eyes of God - she takes them to church & Sunday School, they read bible stories together, and Nolan (the oldest) goes to Evansville Christian School. I really hope that I'll do as good a job of raising my children up as Christians.

I feel that there are countless reasons God has brought us together... We have so much in common in so many ways. In the ways that we do differ, it's like we compliment each other. One thing that we definitely do have in common is our love for our husbands.

Kendra & Matt have been married for more than 8 years!! It's kinda hard to believe, since Kendra still gets carded :o) I bet some people are like..."And how old were you when you married - 12?!" They are such a beautiful couple.

They were high school sweet-hearts, and their love has only gotten stronger over the years.

Here's one of my favorites of them with Livia just hours after she was born.

I have to tell a funny story here - the first time I actually met Kendra was while she was in the hospital just after she'd had Garrett in 2006. While I was there, I got to meet her Grandparents, Kenneth & Norma. I just couldn't get over how sweet they were and how much they reminded me of my Granny & Pa! And then I found out that her Grandpa Ken knew my Grandpa Milton from driving school buses for EVSC. Oh, and it was just the next year that Kendra got to visit me in the same place to meet another new face!

And I know that she loves her daughter just as much as I love my own. I can see so much of both Kendra and Matt in Miss Maggie - such a beautiful little girl! Yet another reason I feel so lucky to have these gals: they're a blast to hang out with! (More about our latest adventure soon!) I'm so glad that Livia and Maggie will have each other to grow up with. Maggie used to call Livia 'her sister.' Someday, they may be just like sisters.

I was lucky enough to have a sister growing up. Like any kids, Laura & I bickered and picked at each other when we were young. We're now very close & know we're very lucky to have each other. And now that I'm all grown, I'm lucky enough to have another 'sister' - Kendra. Though our lives were joined through marriage, through choice we're sisters at heart.

* Read more about her adventures with the kiddos over at http://asuperheroprincessandmonkey.blogspot.com/ Her super hero is Nolan, Maggie is her little Princess, and Garrett is her monkey - you'll have to read all about them, but those nicknames are SO perfect!


Conservative SuperMom said...

Oh my you brought a tear to my eye! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for the kind words you said about me.

I am so glad to have you in my life ~ You are truely one of my best friends and I love you!

Do you notice how my eyes are closed in almost every picture??!!?

Thank you again. Love ya! K~

Egghead said...

She sounds lovely. You know, she reminds me of Meg Ryan in some of those photos. especially with short curly hair.