Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby in a Box

Livia and I were playing on the floor in her room, when I realized I had to pee... Since her room is right next to the bathroom and I'd be back out in no-time flat, I decided to let her continue to play with her toys.

When I got out of the bathroom not even 30 seconds later, guess where I found my daughter?

Happily playing in a box!

My Mom gets us boxes of diapers - she'd done it ever since Livia was born. It's so incredibly nice of her and Dad to do that for is. And it's a huge help to us! The boxes come in really handy to store too-small stuff... And they're pretty darned fun, huh Liv?

I'd only taken one pack of diapers out, so there was just barely enough room for her little tush.

Livia really thought she was something! She even gave herself patty-cakes. I'm still trying to figure out how she managed to get in there in such a short amount of time FEET FIRST! You'd think she'd go in head first...

After just a couple of minutes in the box, she was ready to get out. Livie tried to use the crib to climb out, but she was stuck!

"OK, Mama, help me out please!"

Actually she just said "Mamaa... Mamaa..." but I imagine that's what she was thinking! (Yes, she has started to say 'mama' as well as 'dada'! She started saying it just a little over a week ago. I'm still trying to get a video of her saying it, but so far she really only says it when she's upset. 'Dada' when she's happy, 'Mama' when she's sad. Go figure!)

So, anyway hope ya'll get a kick out of this! Love to all and God Bless!


E and T said...

What a clever girl! It's amazing the things they can get up to in a blink of an eye lid.

Best of luck getting her first words on camera. Every time my little girl does something for the first time I try ro capture it as well. Sometimes this proves to be more difficult than you think.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend with your family.

Joy said...

That's so funny- Hannah only says Mama when she's upset, but will crawl around saying Dada all day! What a cutie!