Thursday, February 7, 2008

Catching Up

I'm finally getting over an awful sinus infection, and I realize that I've been slowly falling further & further behind. Over the last couple of weeks there are several things that I haven't even put up yet! I'd love to go ahead and put them all up here... But who really wants to read a book in one entry?! So, I'm going to focus on last week first off.

Last Wednesday, Perry took Livie & me out to his parents' new house for dinner. We had a pork chops with this really yummy Jack Daniel sauce, baked potatoes, and salad for the meal, and we brought a cake for dessert. Good stuff!

Then Perry's dad gave me the tour of the house. The neatest part is the heating system that Bill invented to heat the ceramic flooring in the kitchen & living room. It's like little pipes right underneath the floor that carry hot water throughout them and therefore make the floor all nice & warm.

Here's some pics of Trilby & Bill with their little granddaughter... I didn't get a whole lot since I was feeling really crummy from that sinus infection. But the ones I did get are pretty darn cute!

A really good pic of Trilby, but Livia's making such a funny face & Bill's looking down at her.

And this one's pretty good of Bill and Baby-Boo, but now Trilby's looking down at Livia!

"They just can't keep their eyes off of me!" Says Livie

And she was SO happy to see them too! She had such a blast over there - showing off how she can crawl and pull up on furniture. That was the first time they'd gotten a chance to see all her new tricks.

A little later in the week, Livia's Auntie Laura Belle came over for a visit! It'd been quite a while since I'd gotten any pictures of those two, so I just snapped away for 5 or 10 minutes.

Livia loves her Aunt Laura... But she just can't sit still for a picture! She's such a busy baby

Livie got a little 'purse' from her grandma & grandpa for Christmas - we gave that to her to keep those little hands busy.

As with everything Livia gets her hands on... "I'm-a eat it!"

Oooh...! Something else Livia likes - strings!

Yip, Livia's eating Laura's strings - Laura thought she'd give it a try too! Haha!!

Ohh! BIG CUDDLES!!! Livie loves her Auntie Laura Belle :o)

As I was trying to get pictures of these two, I was snapping my fingers to try to get Livia to look my way. Laura looked down, and she said,
"Look, Livia's trying to snap too!"

Sure enough - that little baby was trying to snap her fingers! She is so stinkin smart!

I even got a close-up of how she was doing her little fingers - love it!

It looks like her hand's in her mouth, but Livia's really still trying to snap her fingers.

"I just can't do it, ma!"
That's OK, little one - we love you so much no matter what!

Oh, she just thinks that's just the coolest thing in the world.

I know you love how Auntie Laura Belle snaps, but she has to go bye-bye. Say "bye" Livie! She waited til Laura walked out the door to start waving (opening & closing her little hand)

One last shot of little Livie - her shirt says it all. She is such a sweetie :o)

Hopefully I'll get some more stuff up here soon. We'll see how Livia does today. If she's still not feeling so good, I'll be occupied with her pretty much all day. Right now she's still really sleepy. So I'm letting her rest & praying that she does feel better, or will soon.

Love to you all and God Bless!

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