Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Winter Weather ~ Keeping Family & Friends in my Prayers!

So here we are getting towards the end of February, and we're getting another winter storm here in Southern Indiana. I wish it were only snow, but unfortunately it's a wintry mix - sleet, snow, freezing rain, and of coarse ice on the roads. We're even under a ice storm warning. Yuck!

For some it's just a huge inconvenience... But for those who have to get out or those that already are out and about, I know it's downright dangerous.

My sis-in-law, Kendra works part time - much more these last few weeks! She's been helping interview for an open position at her job and she's been busy as all get-out. Kendra's even been taking work home... When school gets canceled and you have to drop everything to pick up or stay home with kiddos, it's sometimes easier said than done.

Laura Belle dared not even chance the treacherous roads. At least one of her classes at USI was canceled anyway. (They may have both been... I'm not exactly sure)

Trilby, my MIL, is a school teacher and she's worried with so many snow-days they've already had to take that the kids will be in school well into the summer. Most parents plan vacations early in the year, and at this rate the vacations may run into school!

Me? I'm just bummed because Thursday nights are when me & my mom get together. My sis was gonna join us tonight, and Mom had even asked Anne & Jamie (lifelong family friends) to come too! Because of the weather, plans are definitely off. Rats...

Really though, it's for the best. Perry's already working in his garage - off the road for the night - and we'll get to spend some time together. He just got back from Dallas yesterday! And my Dad's class is canceled for the night. The sooner my parents are on the road and back home, the better. They're always very careful while driving - especially in bad weather. But no matter how careful you are, you can't control how others drive or what nature may throw in your way (trees, power lines, etc.)

I just pray that there are no accidents for my parents, or anyone out on the road this afternoon/evening. My God be with you all, and keep you all safe & sound. Love to all and God Bless.


*Please keep Kendra in your prayers. Tis the season for colds & flue and it sounds like she might be coming down something. Just say a little prayer for her if you would! Thank you - Love to you all and God Bless!

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