Thursday, February 14, 2008

A very Happy Valentine's Day

Today was absolutely the most wonderful Valentine's Day! I got my hair trimmed & highlighted (Compliments of the wonderful Katie Walz - I grew up with this gal and I love her to pieces! She is an absolutely awesome stylist) I know Perry loves it when I get my hair done, so I'm really glad it worked out to make today extra special. I took Livia with me, and she was such an angel.

I also splurged big-time today and got a MAKE OVER! When I let Perry in on my little secret (cause we all know I can't hardly keep secrets for anything...) he offered to get home in time so that he could watch Livia for me while I got all made up! Neat-o!!!

I can't believe I'm actually doing this, but here's a totally unedited *before* pic - after the hair-do but before the makeup...


Well, after the make over, I dashed back home to hurry & get changed so that Perry & I could go to a Valentine's Banquet at the Center! Oh, it was so much fun - good food, great company, and nice entertainment. My Mom and Dad were sweet enough to watch Livia for us while we were there... Dad usually has a class on Thursday nights, but because of the weather it was canceled tonight. I felt kinda bad that they couldn't go too, but we had no clue Dad wouldn't have class tonight.

Well, after we finally got back home I had my Mom snap a couple of shots of Perry & me. So this is after quite a few hours of wear, but I still love the makeup (it's Bare Minerals... and yes I bought some for me too!)

I know Perry & I both look kinda tired - we definitely are! I'm struggling to finish up this entry without my eyelids drooping...

We really did have a really good time though, and we got some really good marriage-building ideas from the event tonight. It's something I really hope we can do next year too.

For now, Livia is down for the count... Perry's already in bed... and I'm about to head that way also! Perry's taking the day off tomorrow, so we'll get to spend some wonderful husband-wife time before he has to make a business trip down to Dallas for a few days :o( He leaves at the butt-crack of dawn Sunday, and won't get back til really, really late Wednesday. I'll miss him like crazy!

Well, it's off to bed for me! A Happy Valentine's Day to everyone - hope you all had one as awesome as we did! Love to all and God Bless

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MaryBeth said...

Just wanted to say congrats on the blogger award from Tanya! I love reading your sweet stories. Oh, and I'm so jealous, sounds like you guys had a perfectly wonderful Valentine's Day!!