Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friends Like None Others...

Have you ever had a friend who nearly made you speechless? I do. I've sat here forever staring at the blinking cursor upon the screen, because words just can't seem to express how I feel right now...!

Let me just start by saying that I am SO blessed to have such wonderful friends & family. I'm even more blessed that my friends & family also have little ones that Livia will get to grow up with. And though I can't say I love some more than others (even if that were the case, I still couldn't say that!), I will say that some certainly amaze me and maybe even know me better than others.

My friend Jamie is definitely one of these people... First though, let me tell you a little bit about her.

I've known her literally my whole life, and our Moms are best friends.
Jamie & her Mom, Anne, holding little Olivia a few months ago.

Jamie's originally from here, but has lived in some neat places like California & Ohio. I was tickled pink when I found out that she was moving back to this area, though! She & her husband moved back here a few months before having their daughter, Olivia. I'm sure that Olivia & my Livie-bug will be wonderful friends as well someday!

Jamie's story isn't all sunshine & roses though... Jamie's husband, Warren, is in the Army, and he recently went back into active duty, as he feels that it is his true calling... My friend will obviously be moving soon :'(

Warren has a townhouse set up for them to move into down at Fort Campbell where he's stationed (about an hour & a half away). But next month, he'll be deployed to Afghanistan... His unit is already there, and plans are that they'll be back by December before Christmas.

Jamie is so optimistic and happy about everything. I'm so amazed & proud of her! And to add to her happiness, this sweet couple is expecting another baby! I was almost speechless with joy when she told me her wonderful news last week. They see it as a true blessing - with Warren being in the service, Olivia will have someone very close to grow up with.

So why does Jamie amaze me?

Well, Jamie absolutely has a heart of gold. In the midst of all the craziness in her life she still thinks of others so much. After she found out about Laura Belle's engagement, I told her that I eventually wanted to get Livia a little dress from Lid'l Dolly's for her to wear to the wedding.

Well, Jamie's Mom was on vacation in Tennessee last week, and you'll never guess what Jamie had her do...

She got Livia these adorable dresses from Lid'd Dolly's...!
(Back view)

And the colors of the one of the left are exactly what Laura Belle has in mind for her wedding! Livia won't actually be in the wedding - she'll only be two. But aren't these dresses both perfect choices for her Auntie's wedding?!

I can't get over how sweet it was of Jamie to do something so wonderful & sweet for me (and Liv). She is truly a blessing in my life, and I only hope that I can bring half as much happiness & love into her life as she's brought into mine.

She's truly a friend like none other.


dani said...

amanda, the dresses are precious as is your friendship. livia will look absolutely divine:D

Amanda said...

Thats a great friend, Amanda! Those dresses are just so cute. It's nice that both your daughters will grow up together and be friends too.
Amanda xx

Hannah said...

It's wonderful that you have such a great friend. Having somebody who almost knows you better than you know yourself is a gift from God, and it's amazing that you have that.

The dresses are adorable! I bet Livia will look fantastic :D


Kelse said...

Oh those dresses are just adorable!

Lucy said...

Hi Amanda,
Those dresses are just so adorable as is your Friend Jamie. She ceratainly sounds like a fantastic friend. She must be so proud of her husband Warren serving his country and going to Afghanistan. We will pray for his safe return to his loving family. Her new baby will be so close in age to her little Olivia. It sounds to me that your friendship means a great deal to her. You are both very luck ladies.
P.S. love the picture of your darling Livia in the previous post.
Love and hugs to you all

The FarmHouse Triplets said...

Anne has wonderful taste doesn't she? Somehow you have to find a way for Liv to wear both dresses at Laura's wedding.

They both are so pretty and Liv is going to look so cute in them.