Thursday, July 3, 2008


I found an old picture
Thought "Who do I see?"
I have seen her before...
But who could she be?

Her eyes look so peaceful,
Her smile so serene
And she looks oh-so-young
Perhaps just a teen?

I feel like I've known her
For years upon years
Known all of her joys
And all of her tears.

But where does she come from
And who does she know?
What will she go through,
And how will she grow?

Will she crumble in trials
Or give in to pain?
Or is she someone
Who'll try, try again?

Will success be her friend
Or will it elude?
Will so very much
Depend just on her mood?

For some reason I'm sure
She will be just fine
That she'll laugh and learn
And grow over time

I know that someday
That she'll turn out just great
And one day - through God
Find a perfect mate.

She'll live life so happy
So full and complete
She'll love all though Christ
A love you can't beat

How could I possibly
Know all of this?
How could I foretell
Her perpetual bliss?

It then came to my mind
Like a brightened light
How I knew the girl
In this pic, black & white

How I knew of her life
Of what she would be
I knew of it all
Because she is me.


dani said...

the picture and poem are beautiful, amanda!!! it was great talking to you this morning. it is JUST a very small world; isn't it...

Tabitha said...

I agree with Dani ~ what a lovely photo and poem ~ you are very talented!!!
love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Kat said...

wow, this poem is great! I agree with them as well, you are very talented and this is a beautiful poem. Hopefully I can write like this as time progresses.

Hannah said...

This poem is fantastic! You are very, very talented!