Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Picture our Love...

And it would look like this:

Our 1st Valentines Day together

Our 1st year dating... Just spending time together

A special fun & date night

^--Pics we used with our wedding invitations--v

Not your typical engagement shots, I know. But remember - I'm a country girl!

I found all these old pictures of me & Perry on his computer, and figured I'd put them up for a Wordless Wednesday... But then I realized I'd want to say way too much about all of them for it to be a true WW!

I also found some individual pics of Perry & me, and thought I'd share those as well:

One of my favorites of Perry, driving in his old Mustang - great memories riding in that car to all sorts of adventures and fun.

And this one's Perry's fav of himself. I must say that I'm quite partial to it as well!

Here's one Perry took of me down by the river... Photoshop helped with the sun flares, but everything else is the real deal.

A photo that I totally wasn't ready for, and I didn't think would turn out very well at all... Glad I wasn't too hasty in deleting it!

Hope you all enjoyed taking a look at me & my hubby from our early days together. I guess that we're both young enough that neither of us has really changed much! And speaking of much... Much love to you all and God Bless!


dani said...

yeah, amanda... that's what a sun flare is really supposed to look like:D those are some really great photos; i'm so glad you shared!!!

Tabitha said...

Hi Amanda ~ just wanted to tell you baby blake has arrived ~ just checked Elises Mums blog and she has posted that he has made his debut ~ will be back over later to read your new posts ~ am late collecting kids from school ha ha!!
love and hugs Tabitha XXXXXXXXXXX

Valarie said...

That was sweet, and those are great pictures. :)

Tabitha said...

Hi Amanda ~ just popped back over ~ love the photos ~ it is great finding older photos and looking through them ~ what great memories.
love and hugs Tabitha XXX