Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adventures & Trips

This past week, my husband took a week of vacation time off from work. We didn't have any set plans to really go anywhere... he just really needed a break. And it worked out great for me since we were able to spend a lot of time together. Plus he had a very relaxing week & was able to really work on his blog. He schedules his posts in advance, and has actually written all the way in to September (as I struggle to just keep up during the week!)

Well, there were a couple of days that we took little trips to have fun & be together as a little family...

Wednesday we went out to lunch at Shylers Bar-B-Que - one of our all time favorites! We gave Livia a piece of lemon to entertain her during the short wait for our meal...
At first, she wasn't sure what to think of it!

But after she actually tried it... instead of making a bunch of sour/yucky faces, she actually seemed to like it!

We had a fantastic meal, then Perry said that he wanted to take me on a little adventure... I wondered what he had up his sleeve!

It turned out that he was taking us to downtown Newburgh - an area he knows quite well (he grew up there) and I barely know at all...! Despite the dreary weather (and the small bouts of rain) we had such a great time exploring all the little shops & businesses lined up along the river.

We went into a little used bookstore & got a TON of books for Livia, then we checked out a few other places. All the while, just enjoying our company together and the wonderful scenery around.

One of my favorite places was The Country Store:
It caught my eye right off with the benches (click to enlarge) one side had "Republicans" on the bench, and the other said "Democrats" - I couldn't help but burst out laughing!

Then as I went inside, I really fell in love... It was so neat! They seemed to have just a little bit of everything. From food, candy, & spices, to jewelry, clothes, & nick-knacks - plus a beautiful selection of flowers! I got a really big kick out of it.

And I even got a necklace :o)

After we'd walked and looked for at least a couple of hours, we loaded up into the car to drive to the overlook of the Newburgh Dam.

It was so pretty, and you could tell that when the dam was 1st built, it must have drew in pretty large crowds to the overlook. We were the only ones there on this day, but I'm sure there are many folks who really enjoy the view & picnic area there on a regular basis.

We then went to see one of Perry's customers (he wanted to introduce me) and finished up the day with ice cream.

And to end the perfect day, Livia fell fast asleep on the way home!


Then yesterday, (Friday) we decided to take a little day trip over to New Harmony. It was Perry's idea, but I'm sure I've talked about wanting to go there with him so much that it was totally drilled into his head! (I'll explain later why New Harmony is so important to me & my family...)

Livia was unfortunately a bit of a grouch... She cried & screamed nearly all the way there (luckily only about an hour or less from our house)
And she continued to cry quite a bit once we were there - any time the stroller stopped, she started (crying that is) After a bit of quiet walking outside, Perry & I weren't the least bit surprised that
Too tired to take it anymore!

And though we love having our fun-loving, energetic daughter wide awake, once in a while it's so nice to completely devote our attention to each other.

And as we strolled and talked throughout the historic area of New Harmony, we saw some lovely sights...
The Roofless Church

Beautiful gardens & fountains

The Granary - back in the day, it was the town's "safe house" to store valuables and for the townsfolk to stay in case of bad weather. I believe it was built in the early 1800's, and was completely restored in 1997.

Looking down on the stairway in The Granary

Today, it's used for festivities, weddings, receptions, parties, and the sort.

Our walk then took us to the place I most looked forward to visiting: The Workingmen's Institute - Museum & Library.

One of the 1st things we saw was a coffin from the 1800's...
My, people were much more petite in those times! (I'm only 5'4")

And Livia was STILL asleep!

Which gave me time to show Perry a piece of my family's history - once I finally found it, that is! I completely overlooked it, but thankfully after the 3rd or 4th sweep spotted it...
So, what is it, huh? Any guesses?

Nope, it's not a hat box...

It's a little baby coffin (or casket)

Don't get sad though. Feel free to click to enlarge any of the pics to read the specifics, but I'll tell you all what it's about here too...

Way back when in the early 1800's when my Great-great-great-great grandparents decided to come to America from Germany, they had a very little girl, Caroline (my Great-great-great-great Aunt) Since Caroline was so young, they didn't expect her to make the journey to The United States alive.

Her father made this little casket - painted it & decorated it - for Caroline so that they would at least be able to bury her on American soil (instead of having to throw her body overboard)

Well, Caroline made it to America alive!! So, today that little casket sits in the New Harmony Workingmen's Institute - Museum & Library.

It was so wonderful to actually see this little coffin after so long (not since I was a little girl had I seen it) and now I have it photographed & documented for my future generations! (Well, OK - the Museum does as well, but still.)

After the Museum, Livia had definitely woken up and was ready to get up & run around - and that she did!
She even made a little friend right at her age - they were so cute "talking" and playing with each other!

And of course, Livia did get to RUN!!!

Finally, we made one last stop before leaving New Harmony - the labyrinth, made with bushes:
Me & Livie right outside of it
We had so much fun!
"Wave Livia!"

So, there ya have it. Our week of fun & adventures!
We also had some fun at the house - and Perry loved seeing his little daughter so much (and in such cute clothes)
Oh yeah, one last thing - Livie has learned "flip, flip, flip!" She'll get in that position, and I'll help her to roll over - it's SO adorable!

Much love to you all and God Bless!


Tabitha said...

Oh Amanda ~ your week sounds just perfect and I love the story about the little coffin ~ a real piece of your family history!!
The photos are just gorgeous and Olivia just gets cuter and cuter.
I am so glad that you all had that time together!!
love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

Hannah said...

It sounds like you all had a load of fun! The pictures are wonderful! You have a precious little girl!


p.s. I tagged you over at my blog :D

dani said...

oh, amanda... i love going to ALL the places you mentioned.
when i was a little girl, one of my favorite places to go was the newburgh country store. i think it was one of the first places i took katherine and one of her little friends to when she first started having little girls stay over-night.
and, i love, love, love the tranquility of new harmony. the tour there is amazing, and the food at the red geranium is yummy!!!
i am so glad perry got some time away from work and the three of you enjoyed your week!!!
take care, a!!!

Amanda said...

What beautiful pictures.
I would love to visit that museum, it looks so interesting and the small towns so pretty. Thats an interesting piece of family history. Liv is a wee cutie :)
Love Amanda x