Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunflowers & Silly Girls!

Yikes! It's been quite a few days since I've blogged about anything! I guess we've just kept so busy that I didn't have time. So here's my first of several catch-ups I'll be doing in the next day or two...

Last Thursday, I took Liv & my niece Maggie out to the middle of nowhere (not too far from our house) to get pictures of the girls in sunflower fields! Our plans didn't go exactly as I had hoped (as they rarely do, huh?) But I still managed to get some wonderful pictures & even more awesome memories from this day...

Maggie took some really great pictures - she was my little Hannah Montana model!

Just getting into the first few pictures...

But you can see that little grin beginning to emerge!

Yup, she was neat stuff out there with that huge sunflower field!

But even big girls get bored & hungry...So I broke out the puffs!

And that sun was just so bright... But Maggie was a trooper!

She even helped me out to get a few of her and Livia:
She held Liv steady on the stool...

And then gave Livie some puffs to help keep her entertained.

The girls loved their snackies!

And Maggie loved posing for the camera!

It was so sweet of Maggie to help take care of Livia

And she smiled the whole time! ...While Liv was a goof!

I think all Livia cared about was the puffs Maggie gave to her

She certainly didn't care about getting good pictures! This is the only picture I managed to get of Liv not upset or looking completely silly:
It's hardly anything to brag about, but what can you expect from a little toddler!

Maggie, on the other hand, gave me even more wonderful pictures...

I LOVED this shot...
Maggie looked like she was ready to fly!

Which totally inspired this final photo:
A Little Angel: Miss Maggie

Yes, the wings are Photoshopped on, but I just couldn't resist!

So that's the first of my fun adventures since my last post... More to come soon! Much love to you all and God Bless! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!


Hannah said...

Great pictures, Amanda!! I remember my parents taking me out in bluebonnet fields down in Texas to take pictures of my sister and I when I was younger. I'm sure Livie and Maggie will remember this just I like I remember those memories :]


Amanda said...

It's nice to see you back! I just love the pictures, Maggie is just such an adorable Angel!

dani said...

awesome pictures of the girls, amanda!!! that sunflower field is an amazing backdrop, and the sky looks painted:) i hope you all had a fun time...

Tabitha said...

Oh Amanda ~ what sweet girls and gorgeous photos!!
That little dress Livia is wearing is just so cute and looks great with the sunflowers!!
love and hugs to you XXXXXX

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

What a beautiful place for a photo shoot. You sure do find some amazing places to take gorgoeus pictures. I love the dresses that Maggie and Livia are wearing. Your pictures, as always, are stunning. How lucky the girls are to have such a talented photographer in the family who can capture such memories that can now be preserved, through your photography, to last a lifetime.

Lots of love

The FarmHouse Triplets said...


Love the pictures. The girls looked like they had so much fun .. especially Maggie.

It just dawned on me that I could have helped you that day since you ended up with no "assistant."

Love the pictures of Liv in Meg's dress ... it's really kind of neat that your Mom bought it and Liv gets it too.


Paulette said...

these girls are so adorable!! yeah they look like little angels! :D