Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday Fun

Sunday I went out to my parents' after church (as always) and Laura Belle & I decided that we should take a dip in the pool. And we couldn't leave Livia out of the mix!

Livia enjoyed floating on the raft with her Auntie Laura

And even though the water wasn't super warm, Liv did not seem to mind at all. It was a hot summer day, and she loves spending time with her Mamma & Auntie the pool!

Me & Livie

Livia Rachelle - you're such a ham!

Me, Livie, & Laura Belle

She got so excited - Can you tell that Liv LOVES the water?

Squish'er with a kiss!

After we got dried off & ate some snackies, Mom & I decided that it was perfect weather for a walk. So we decided to head over towards The Neighbors: my Aunt Tanya - aka, The Dairy Wife - and the triplets.

On the road going up to the Willis Barn, Livia was just SO cute that I couldn't resist getting some shots of her...
She was all smiles, as always!
And we walked just a ways further, and came up to the bales of straw...

She started pointing at them, so Mom & I took her over to one in the shade for a closer inspection.

Livia wanted an even closer look, so she put up her little arms - she wanted UP. So, we put her on top!

I guess Liv felt really big sitting up there on that straw bale...

You can see my Mom's had there making sure she doesn't fall.

"So Big!"

After we got her down, we continued on our way over to The Neighbors.

Whatdaya think of the view on the way there?
Pretty, huh?

Livia just loved visiting with the triplets - or at least their toys! You know how it is... other kids' toys are ALWAYS more fun than your own :o)

She found their cute little wagons...
"So, what are these for?"

She soon found out...!
I gave her & Meg, Jay, and Sam a ride around the yard...
Livia wasn't all that impressed. Neither was Sam to be perfectly honest.

I think he was more interested in doing the pulling!
Jay & Meg loved being pulled by their brother!

Then Jay took a turn...
While Sam & Meg rode.

But Jay nearly ran over himself, laughing all the while!

As Jay got back up, I looked up to see who wanted to join back in the fun...
"Wait for me, guys - I wanna ride too!"

I think I may have to hire Jay to keep Livie entertained more often. It's a very rare event that I get to see this little girl sit still!

After the rides, it was just about time for us to get going. As we were saying goodbye to The Dairy Wife, we heard some commotion coming from inside the feed room...

Meg had gotten into the chopped corn, and was soon joined by her brothers - they had so much fun (even though they really weren't supposed to be up there...)

They had no desire whatsoever to get out. But after being convinced that "Uncle Don is coming down the road!" and they'll be in big trouble if they don't hurry & get out...
They smoothed over their little footprints & The Dairy Wife scooped them out... and into the bathtub!


Valarie said...

Oh this is so cute! It looks like y'all had a big time. :)

The Dairy Wife said...

The pictures turned out great! You have to bring Liv more often to play with the trio!

Maybe next time she can jump in the corn with the kids! Ha ~



Amanda said...

Those photos are great, and Liv is just so pretty. I would love to stay there, the view is just gorgeous. Does it get any snow in the winter?
Those trailers are adorable. We don't get anything as cute as that in the UK.
Love, Amanda xx

Kendra said...

I love the photo of the three of you gals. I bet your momma really likes that one too! :)

Tabitha said...

Amanda ~ your little girl is just the cutest ever!! I love the one of her with the big smile in the pool!!
Looks like you all had so much fun, especially the triplets up to something they shouldn't be ha ha !!
love and hugs XXXXXX

dani said...

what a sunday funday, amanda!!! livia is going to have the most fantastic memories:D

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

What a fun filled family Sunday. Livia sure does look so happy in the pool, and what a gorgeous water baby she is.

The walk to your Aunt's place looks like such a beautiful and tranquil walk. Livia is full of gorgeous smiles and it is wonderful to see that you stopped and captured these through your beautiful photos.

I hope you are having a wonderful day my friend.

Lots of love

DrillerAA said...

Great photos. The one of her walking down the gravel path is extremely well done.