Monday, July 7, 2008

Laura's Engagement Story...

I've had at least one request for the whole story of my sister's engagement... So Hannah, Tabitha, Kat, this is for you and everyone else out there who wants to know about her special day!

**Note: This is as to the best of my memory of what Laura and Michael have both told me, so my apologies if it's not as accurate or as perfect as they both tell it.**

***Another note - the music has been geared to some songs that remind me of Laura's engagement - hope you enjoy!***

Click to enlarge any of these pictures if you want a better look at that beautiful ring...!

Doesn't it just bring tears to your eyes?!! Michael did SUCH a great job!!!

Hand in hand, heart to heart
A perfect love from the start
OK! Now for the scoop...! (And I've 'stolen' a few pictures from Laura Belle's facebook photos to go w/the story)


Saturday, Michael and Laura took a trip to Garden of the Gods. Their trip was a bit long... as they had a hard time finding the exact way there. They brought a picnic basket for a dinner, thinking that after a few hours of hiking and exploring they'd surely be hungry. But it took so long to get there that they ended up eating very shortly after their arrival!

They did get some lovely pictures while there... Good thing Michael told Laura to bring her camera up with them!
Another couple took this for them - you can see the beautiful scenery!
Laura & Michael - another great shot

After their dinner, Laura Belle had to use the ladies room... and much to her disgust there was no soap or even sinks - gross! Michael happily went back to the car to fetch Laura the hand sanitizer that she never leaves home without.

They then decided to hike up to one of the tallest areas. The sun was beginning to go down, and the weather was just perfect. They stayed until most of the other people were beginning to pack up and leave...
Michael's "I know something YOU don't know" face - Laura did not know anything at this point, and only much later did the picture make sense to her!

The last picture of Laura un-engaged!

And what a fantastic picture of Michael! Great shot Laura Belle :o)

Do ya'll notice something special about his lower pocket? Like maybe a little box-like thing possibly in it??

Well, just as the sun began to dip below the horizon and the last of the other hikers had left, Laura said to Michael, "Well, think we'd better get going too?"

Michael replied, "Yeah, I guess you're right..." And stood up to pull Laura up from where they were sitting.

"But first," Michael said... "Can I ask you a question?"

Laura's heart nearly stopped, and her mouth dropped to her knees. Could this be IT...? Was this really happening??!!!

Michael then got down upon one knee... looked into Laura's beautiful green-brown eyes and asked,

"Laura Michelle Clutter, will you marry me?"

Laura immediately threw her arms around Michael! She's waited for this wonderful day for so very long... She just wanted to cherish every second!

And much to her surprise, though Laura had thought and dreamed about this day for so long... she didn't even care what the ring looked like. All that mattered was that she KNEW that she was going to marry the love of her life.

Michael, meanwhile, was trying to close the box that held The Ring - God forbid it fall out and down the rocky humongo hills! He told me that he seriously would have dove after it, should that have happened!

Finally Michael gently placed the ring upon Laura's shaking finger. And through her happy tears Laura Belle got a good look at her ring. And at the man she would spend the rest of her life with.

Right then - everything was exactly as she'd always hoped & dreamed it to be. She had all she'd ever want.

And she got a ring to boot!
One of the very first pictures after becoming officially engaged
(see the tears in Laura's eyes?)

Laura later told me that was so excited that she told me she nearly got sick! I think I may have actually been THE first person that she talked to after getting engaged - yes, I do feel quite special now! OK, she did ring Mom & Dad first, but they didn't answer. Hey, ya snooze, ya lose!

Kidding kidding. Especially since Michael had asked their permission for Laura's hand in marriage!

And get this - earlier that day I talked to Mom & Dad briefly, and they told me that Laura & Michael went to Garden of the Gods. I actually said, "Wouldn't it be cool if Michael asked her to marry him there?" Not at all suspecting that he actually would!

I asked Michael how he got everything to work out just right... There were so many things that made their day so special, and he did a really good job - and had a little luck!

When Laura asked Michael to get the hand sanitizer from the car is when he was able to grab The Ring without her knowing - Pretty cool! They were the only ones who stuck around til just after the sun had set; everyone else left, which was great luck for Michael, as he wanted it to be just him & Laura when he asked her.

So, Michael, now that you're engaged what are you going to do?
"I'm goin to Disney World!"

OK, no, that's not at all what that picture was about - he had a totally unrelated brilliant idea, and I just happened to capture his funny expression!

A good pic of Laura & Michael out at my parents' yesterday

And a couple more of Laura's beautiful ring...

So, ya think Laura's happy?

I don't think she could be any happier!

"It doesn't get any better than this!"


Sorry that was so long, but hope you enjoyed the story! Much love to you all and God Bless!


Amanda said...

Thats just soo lovely. What a happy story. I had tears in my eyes reading it. Your sister looks so happy. Congratulations on the engagement!!
And the photos are perfect.
Amanda xx

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

Beauty Full. A big congratulations to Laura and Michael. Laura looks wonderfully happy and that ring is gorgeous.

I had tears in my eyes reading their wonderful story. So perfect.

Thank you so much for your beautiful comments on my blog. Your prayers, well wishes and kind words are so very much appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of love and hugs

Hannah said...

Aweh, that's so sweet! I've never been to Garden of the Gods, but I've been told that it's absolutely beautiful. It must have been perfect. They look so happy!

Her ring is gorgeous; it's cute how he went to fetch it when he got her sanitizer. lol!


Tabitha said...

Oh Amanda ~ that is more beautiful than I could ever imagine!!
What a wonderful day and that ring is just perfect. The smile on your sisters face says it all.
Thank you so much for sharing that with us ~ it was lovely (I am just off to get a tissue to wipe my eyes!! ~ you moved me to tears!!).
love and hugs to you ~ and many congratulations to your sister XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

kristen said...

What a beautiful ring.

Those last to photos are so pretty.
Are you going to be in the wedding?

sunshineforlife said...

hi there. hopped in here from WW and i can't help but to read ur sister's engagement day story. ur sis looks so happy. obviously happy. congrats to both of them and yeah, the ring is just lovely!

Kat said...

Aweh, that is so cute! I have heard of that place, but have been to it. The ring is beautiful and I am happy that her dream came true!!!

dani said...

that is such a sweet story, amanda...