Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Fun

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!! Today was such a fantastic day, and now that I've figured out my hubby's computer enough to put my memory card in it, I'm sharing some pics from today!

We went out to my parents for lunch... I wasn't feeling the best this morning (#&@$ female troubles!) and staying busy made me feel better. I realized right around 11 that we were going to be quite a bit late, as I had gotten so busy that I'd lost track of the time! So we got there just a bit later than actual lunch time, but we had so much fun all the same!

Livia loved running around with the triplets and everyone else! In these photos, she's being chased by her 'Nana' (to her exteme delight!)
" Don't let her get me!"

Looks like Liv got away :o)

Whew! OK, now for a 2-second rest... All done!

What a funny face, Munchkin!

You'd think that after running around & around for several hours, Livie would be at least a little tired...

Nope, Jax was the only tired one around there today!

We thought it would be cute to get a pic of the 3 of us...

Livia obviously had other ideas! (Can't you almost see the little thought bubble above her head: "I'm outa here!"...?)

With Liv having a blast out at my parents with tons of family and friends, Perry and I decided to go on a 'little walk.' Honestly, that's what it started off as!

We walked to the end of the road, and asked Perry which way he'd like to go: over to the milk house or 'around the block' ? The 1st option was pretty close & would make for a very short, easy walk. The other is quite a bit longer! But Perry hasn't spent a whole lot of time out in the country, so he thought, "How hard could it be?" He soon found out that "walking around the block" is a whooole lot different out in the country! In many ways...

For one, the sounds... Except for the breeze gently rustling the trees, crops, and road-side weeds, the only things we heard were the sounds of each other's voice.

The smells... Instead of gasoline, sewage, or garbage (among other undesirable city smells) it was only the smell of freshly cut wheat and fresh air.

The sights... In the city, you see a bunch of houses, people, cars, and such while on walks; out in the middle of nowhere, only country-side beauty. Here are some of the lovely sights we saw on our walk...

OK, this one's kinda more for me (teehee!)

The views are absolutely breathtaking... but the walk itself can be too! Plenty of hills, and walking on gravel the entire 2 and a half miles - that's right! Out in the country, "walking around the block" will result in a 2 1/2 mile walk!

So in the city, we go for a quick walk... maybe have a little bit of a talk... But out here in the counrty, we really talked and loved our long walk. And it's so wonderful to get to spend this time alone with my husband. (not that we don't love Livia to death!) Every time we get time like this together, I fall in love with him all over again.

After we got back to my parents', nearly everyone was gone! We soon packed up and left ourselves, and it came as absolutely no surprise whatsoever to me when both my angels fell asleep on the way home (luckily I was the one driving!)

Livie-Bug asleep in her carseat

Perry woke up as soon as I put the camera up to my eye - he said that he could tell someone was watching him sleep and it woke him up! (That's a Marine for ya!) He did get that picture of Livie sleepin' away for me though!

After a little time out at our house, we drove to Perry's parents for a little visit, and to leave Liv with them while we attempted to go see some fireworks. Again, we headed out just a little later than we should have, and by the time we got to where we were planning on seeing a show, they were over! Haha!

We didn't much mind though. In fact, it was really quite enjoyable getting to drive around just the two of us. And we knew his parents were certainly enjoying our little daughter!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures from our later adventures, but it's just as well - as I'd probably be at this computer for another hour!!! Haha!

Well, I'm off to bed. Hope you all had a lovely day as well - much love to you all and God Bless!


Kindra said...

I love Livia's watermelon outfit!! That is just the cutest!! I'm glad you had a great 4th!! It was so great to get a "visit" from you!! I've missed ya!! Have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

It sounds like you all had a great day, and i wish i stayed out in the country with views like that.
Your daughter is just so cute. I love her outfit too, especially her little bag!
Have a great weekend.
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

Livia is just so gorgeous ~ I love the dress too ~ cute little watermelon!!
So glad that you had a great 4th July ~ hope the rest of your weekend is just as good!!
love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX

dani said...

amanda, livia just gets more and more beautiful. i love her little watermellon outfit; it's ADORABLE!!! and, she's ADORABLE in it:) i'm so happy you all had such a fun day!!! i hope today will be as well.
dani xx