Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Oh, what a glorious, wonderful day! Though I haven't had a chance to actually blog of it yet, I'm sure all of you know that sweet Elise had her baby boy!!!! I stayed up as long as I could last night in my hubby's stinky garage, but finally gave in & went in the house for a little rest.

Would you believe that Dani gave me a call this morning to let me know the wonderful news?!!! She read to me what Lucy posted on her blog - that Mini Boy Blue was finally here! I'm still tickled pink about that special phone call! Dani, you do sound just as sweet on the phone as you are in blogger-world! I just LOVE your lil' southern accent!!!

And when I finally got to look at Lucy's blog (Elise's Mum), the pictures nearly took my breath away - what a gorgeous little boy he is indeed! Welcome to the world, little Blake :o)

I just got done mixing cookie dough together before I stole away to the hubby's garage again... I'll survive the stink for just a little while (I think...!) But I wanted to post just a couple of other little things before I scamper back inside to finish up my chocolate chip cookies. I'm making them for the lunch-time get-together we'll be going to over at my parents' tomorrow - wait, technically, today. It's after midnight, of course! I'm so excited for the day ahead!

Why the excitement? Well, today is the 4th of July - also called Independence Day. It's the day we celebrate our country's freedom (or at least shoot off a bunch of fireworks... do kids these days even know the reason we celebrate this day? Anyway...) I'm really looking forward to seeing family, friends, and Jax! (my parents' 10-week-old Collie pup)

As I'm still on Perry's computer, I found just a few pictures that I took last year on the 4th of July...

Kendra holding Liv with her kids at her side

Nolan Maggie & Garrett at the sliding glass door

Trilby holding Liv

It was such a very hectic day that I only took 3 total pictures - none of them great, and not one from out at my parents! (Rats!) Well, this year will be a bit different, thank goodness. No strict schedule, but we'll still get to see both sides of the family. Hopefully the weather isn't too terribly yucky :o)

I'm looking forward to a very fun day indeed - we don't have an absolute exact plan, other than lunch out at my parents. Tomorrow is Perry's 1st official day of vacation, and he is just so happy to have a break! And happy to be able to spend some extra time with me & Liv.

And speaking of Liv... Lately, she has really taken to a babydoll that my parents got her for Christmas of this past year. She cuddles it, carries it around, takes it on our walks, and even plays with it during car rides! Here are some very recent shots I've captured with my cell phone of Livie and her little dollie...

Last night, Liv even took her in her bath! (It's ok - the doll is actually made for taking baths with toddlers) I did get a few cute shots with my good camera, but obviously haven't downloaded them. I don't want to muck up Perry's computer too awfully much! And with all those pictures I shoot, that wouldn't take long!

So, that's about all I know for now. Hope everyone is doing well out there! Much love to you all and God Bless


Valarie said...

Have a great Fourth!!! I went over and saw the baby! He is a cutie :)

Hannah said...

Happy Fourth of July, Amanda! I hope you have a great day!!


Tabitha said...

Hope you have a great day Amanda ~ and take lots of photos of that beautiful daughter of yours. I love the photos of her with her dolly ~ too cute!!
love and hugs Tabitha XXXX