Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Best

Over at Digital Photography School blog, they have a recent post that asked "What is [my] best shot ever?" I wrote even more about it over in my Photo Edit Magic blog.

It got me thinking, though - is the picture I think is the best really the best?

My inquiring mind would like to know... Which of these pictures is THE BEST in your opinion? (each title is listed below its respective photograph)

Looking Over Lake of the Woods

Through a Child's Eyes

May I Have this Dance Forever?

Fireman's Class-A Portrait

With This Ring...

Striking Beauty

As you all can see, I have a little poll-thingy over on the right hand column. I'd LOVE it if you'd cast your vote! Don't vote for the one you think I like the best - I want to know your true opinion. And it won't hurt my feelings if you think none of these (or any of my pics) are the best. I really would love to know what you all think :o)

Thanks a bunch in advance, and feel free to leave a comment here if there's a specific picture you like even more than the ones I selected. Much love to you all and God Bless!


Amanda said...

They are all great Amanda, and i have cast my vote too!
Hope you had a great weekend.
Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

I love all the photos ~ but I have voted for my favourite!!
Hope you all well
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXXX

Lucy said...

Hi Amanda,
Is it possable to email me at
I did have your email but they keep bouncing back.
Love Lucy XXOO

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

Wow, these are all stunning. I cast my vote, but boy did I have a tough time deciding. Probably if I were to do this again on another day I might even select a different photo. I think they are all amazing photos.

Lots of love and hugs

Hannah said...

They are all wonderful pictures :D It was hard to choose, but I did cast my vote :]


dani said...

hi, amanda:) i voted for one of these as well... they are all beautiful, and it was a hard choice to make!!!
i will have to admit, however, that my personal favorite is one of livia from may 31st. it is the one of her in the green dress sitting on the deck with the tree and sky in the background. i love, love, love that one (and even remembered it;)!!!