Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More of Liv in the Wheat Fields

Early, early this morning, I did a Wordless Wednesday with Liv in a sea of wheat... And I just couldn't resist putting up some more this afternoon!

At first she was pretty content playing with a piece of wheat.

But it's impossible to expect a toddler to stay in one place for very long - especially this one! About the only way we were able to get her to sit still was by going...

Oh my goodness!
(Which obviously made her put her hands on her head, and also made her sit!)

Or we'd find something fun for her to play with...
Maybe her Uncles will let her drive a tractor for real someday. Probably not if she ends up driving anything like her Mamma does, though!

And our last trick was to just strip her down & let her play in her diaper & bloomers.
Liv says: "I feel just a little bit goofy..."

"So I'm outa here!!!"

I have more, but these are some of the best - of what I've had time to sit and really go though anyway!

They were all taken about a month or so ago, and yes I'm just now getting around to editing them... I'm awful! My photo-flaws are endless, but a big one is that I just take too darned many pictures! And I constantly look for even more opportunities.

Am I nuts? Oh, wait. I think I established yesterday that I most certainly am!! Haha! Much love to you all and God Bless!!


Amanda said...

Can i ask what kind of camera do you use? I need to get a new one, any tips??
Love, Amanda x

MaryBeth said...

I love all the beautiful pictures of Livia in the wheat!!! Just precious-

Muthering Heights said...

She is too CUTE!!

dani said...

katherine was sitting on the couch today and looked over at me. she said, "you know amanda... from evansville with little liv???"
i said, "yes???"
she said, "isn't liv the cutest little girl you've ever seen???"
amanda, she IS absolutely adorable!!!

Tabitha said...

Amanda ~ your little girl is just so cute!!
She looks like she is having such a fun time XXXXXXX