Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Livia's First Haircut

Livia's little bangs were getting so long that they were beginning to get into her eyes. I especially noticed it Saturday on our way to my cousin's bridal shower... I looked back at her & she was grabbing at a piece of hair that was getting into her eyes. So I knew it was time to call in the pro - My Aunt Bonnie!

Aunt Bonnie used to cut hair professionally for years & years. She still gives cuts to close family (like the triplets) and I was tickled pink when she said that she would be glad to give Livie a trim.

She did a wonderful job! This is the end result:

Doesn't Liv look excited?

It took a lot of work to get to that point though! Let me back up...

Livia just turned one in April... I know, I should be able to keep track of her exact number of months. But after she turned one, I stopped consciously counting how many months old she is. Is that bad?

Anyway, I have a toddler who has a LOT of energy. She's very much on-the-go, busy, and doesn't care much for sitting down (sounds a lot like me even today!) It took both me sitting her on my lap, feeding her banana to corral her for just a couple of minutes.Can you imagine how hard it was to get this kiddo to hold still long enough to carefully snip all 15 hairs perfectly across her forehead? I'm still not sure how Bonnie did it, but she sure did! And she did a fabulous job :o)
And even though Liv was a squirm-worm, she did great. You can't even tell from these photos how unhappy she was about the whole situation!
Well, perhaps she's showing a bit of annoyance in this pic...
But this one perfectly shows her general attitude about the whole thing! Doesn't she look bored/annoyed?

I did save every little bitty piece of hair (that's what the envelope was for that may have seen in the above pictures) Hopefully I'll figure out a way to make them show up - and not get lost! - in a scrapbook...

Here are just a couple of photos of Livia & her Great Aunt Bonnie...

And finally, the many faces of Liv... I wish I knew exactly what's going through her little head in all these pictures (taken literally within seconds of each other)
I know in this one she's looking at her Auntie Laura Belle... maybe even saying her name? (She'll use her little tongue to say "La-la!")

In this one, I know Laura's talking to her - obviously making her quite happy.

And Livia was starting to get excited because she thought Laura was coming to get her (out of the pool). Laura Belle was actually going to get one of the triplets though...

And her was Livia's expression after Laura jumped back in without her:
She almost looks indignant, doesn't she! Like, "how could you get right back in there without getting me?!"

At least that's what I think she's thinking...!

Right now, I'm just thinking about how much I love Livie's little hair-trim! Much love to you all and God Bless!


dani said...

so darling!!! i love her little polka dot bikini, too:D
love you guys!!!

The FarmHouse Triplets said...

I love the little hair cut, and the expressions on Liv's face.

We too love Aunt Bonnie's haircuts! She's a pretty awesome woman.


Tabitha said...

Oh she is just beautiful ~ and the hair cut is soooooo cute!!
love and hugs XXXX

Amanda said...

Look at those big blue eyes!
She didn't seem too upset getting her first haircut!
Very cute :)