Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'd like You All to Meet...

My husband! - Will Fultz

I call him Perry (his full name is actually William Perry Fultz III), but to everyone he works with he's known by Will. He has recently started his own blog:, and I'm SO very proud of him!

His blog is actually geared toward sales persons, executives, and business owners or for anyone thinking of getting into sales. That said, even as a stay at home Mom, I've very much enjoyed all the content he's had thus far.

I know his blog isn't really like mine at all - more of a business aspect, and no pictures of cute little kiddos or pets! But his advice is straightforward & honest, and he truly wants to help others understand and get better at selling. So if you all know of (or even are) someone who wouldn't mind reading some really awesome sales advice, pop on over!


Now, this is just for you guys - don't let that well-dressed, handsome & sophisticated-looking man fool ya! In real life, he's fun, silly, and he has a GREAT personality! Wanna see some proof of all that? Okie dokie...!

Blowing bubbles at his cousin, Blair's wedding reception

Destroying the pull cord to the three-wheeler up in Canada

"Horsing" around down in Nashville
(But, what the heck is his friend doing?! Haha!)

And having some fun at Nolan's birthday party last year.

So there ya have it! I get to show you all the less serious side of Perry (aka Will), but on his blog, you'll see nothing but professionalism from him. And even if you're not the least bit interested in the content, I'll get huge brownie points if ya'll pop over check out his blog! :oP Haha!

Hope everyone out there is doing well - much love to you all and God Bless! Oh, and thanks in advance for checking out my hubby's blog!


Amanda said...

Your hubby is really a big softie at heart!
Love the pictures to prove it:)
I'm of over to his blog page now.
see you later,
Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

Will pop over and have a look in a moment ~ love the photos!!

dani said...

hey, amanda:) i will certainly check out "will's" blog!!!
ps i'm pretty sure perry's friend is covering up the two-legged horse's private area, lol!!!