Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday Fun

We had SUCH a busy, fun day on Saturday. At first I thought Livia was sick with her runny nose (she also had a bit of a fever and a really runny diaper) but then we discovered that little tooth! Oh, something I almost forgot - it's on the top! I'm still without a good camera, so I haven't been able to capture it in a pic yet, but just trust me when I say it is so cute!!

Once I figured out what was really going on with my little girl, we got ready and headed out for a day of fun and adventures!

First up was a baby shower for Jamie - I've known this gal my whole life, and she is just as beautiful as she is sweet. Once again, I was without a camera so here's a pic of Jamie and her sis, Katie, at my wedding. (Jamie's the blonde)

Aren't they both so beautiful!

Anyway, Jamie is having a little girl, due next month - and guess what her name is. Olivia! I just love it! I really hope that she & Livia will grow up to be great friends. Everything at the shower was so perfect and cute and girlie! Lots of pink and green. Jamie & I are going to do lunch together on Wednesday, so I'll get to see her again very soon & talk baby-talk!

After the shower, I went out with my mom to the mall to (among other things) try to find an Easter Dress for myself. We weren't there for all that long it seemed, but all of a sudden it was after 5:00! And though I wasn't even aware of the time, but I was ready to give up...

Then almost as an afterthought, Mom & I went into Dillards to look around, since that's right where we were parked anyway. I didn't expect to find anything within my budget (though there was one dress that was SUPER cute - white w/pink & brown polka dots, and a pink sweater - but SO out of my price league!) Amazingly, I did find a dress and sweater that were under $35 for both! Yay!

About that time, I got a call on my cell from Kendra - OHNO! I'd so completely lost track of time that I was missing little Miss Maggie's 4th birthday party!! We immediately booked it outa there, and Mom & I parted ways. Liv & I hurried back home to pick up Perry, then we were off to the party!

I felt really bad that we got there so late because of me... I haven't got to spend much time with Kendra lately, and I really was looking forward to hanging out with her and watching the kiddos play. Plus I was without a camera, so I didn't even get any pictures of the fun :o( I guess I'll just have to take double the pics next time I see those kiddos! Oh, they're getting so big...! And, even though I didn't really get to spend a whole lot of time with Kendra or her kiddos, I know they all had a great time at Maggie's Birthday Party! I'll just have to see if I can sneak in some time with them this week, since they're on spring break.

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