Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rainy, Wet, & Cold[s]

That's what it's like around here, these days! I can't even tell you how many inches of rain we've had in the last few days... too much, that's for sure! The whole area's under a flash flood watch, some schools are even closed (today and tomorrow), and it's just downright icky out there!

Needless to say, I've been very happy to be here at home these last few days. No place is perfect though, including here. It's not only wet outside, but a bit in our basement as well - *grrr*. Luckily, we have a dehumidifier and 2 sump pumps. Barely damp at all anymore!

The only other hurdle we're trying to get over here is that Liv & I both have colds - Boo. I no like-y. It's not so bad when I don't feel so hot, but I hate it when my sweet little Livie doesn't feel good. When she gets all snotty, it's a little hard for her to breathe... but when she gets all worked up (let's face it, it happens!) she gets to where it's almost impossible for her to breathe.

Well, here's to hoping that the sun shines all day tomorrow, and everything dries up - and clears up!


E and T said...

You're so right, it's ok for us Mummy's to have a cold, we can soldier on. But when the bubs get sick you wish you could be the sick one instead of them. Colds for little one's are never pleasant.

Here's sending you lots of hugs and best wishes to both of you for a speedy recovery.

Egghead said...

Feel better soon, both of you. Rainy and grey are the colors of where I live all winter. I am looking forward to sunshine and all the flowers.

Nan said...

Poor babies, I hope you are both feeling much better soon. Maybe you already do since you posted this on Wed. and I am just reading today. I really hope that's true.

Joy said...

I hope you and your sweet little one are feeling better- happy Easter!