Sunday, March 30, 2008

Busy Day Yesterday

We had SUCH a busy day yesterday! My parents were sweet enough to watch Livia for us while we tackled our basement...

It was quite a task getting up all that damp, moldy carpet from downstairs. Though we were only able to tackle one side, we were able to get almost all of what was really bad. The other side will be coming up as well, but the worst is officially gone! My Dad let me use his heavy-duty breathing mask so that I wouldn't get even more sick from being down there. Apart from the mask being a little uncomfortable, it was great! I didn't smell anything while we were down there, and though exhausted when we were finally done I felt fine. (We think that downstairs may be a big part of what's been making me sick-ish these last couple of weeks - not for sure, but now that it's mostly fixed we'll find out, right?)

Then after I went and picked up Livia from Mom & Dad's, Perry and I decided to go out to Di'Legge's - a little family owned, Italian restaurant in town. It has SUCH yummy food, but we found out first-hand why they like to have reservations...

We had to wait about 15-20 minutes for a table, which wasn't too bad. But then the place was SOOO noisy that it was impossible to carry on a conversation... It wasn't really all that enjoyable. There was one individual seated at the table next to ours that I was ready to put a muzzle on - just extremely loud and obnoxious. Part of my meal was forgotten as well, though thankfully they didn't charge us for any of it. I'm hoping we can go back and re-do our dinner at this awesome little restaurant another time during a weeknight!

We really did have a great time being together, though. Sometimes I have to take a step back before I can truly appreciate everything! Perhaps I wouldn't have enjoyed our time together so much after we got back home if everything would have gone absolutely perfect at Di'Legge's. I definitely wouldn't appreciate our nice clean mold-free basement as much, if we hadn't put so much work into it.


Thank You God, for all that You do for me. Sometimes Your blessings are plain as day; other times I may have to take a look at the 'big picture' to really see what all You do for me... though I don't think I'll ever truly know ALL that You do for me. Please help me to always realize that You are bigger than all things here on earth - bigger than problems and worries, better than our triumphs and joys; more important than our most prized possessions. Thank You so much for everything, God. Amen.

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