Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flashback Friday (Featuring Liv's 1st Professional Pics)

What? It's Saturday, you say? Well, too bad! We had a fun busy day yesterday, and I didn't *have* (OK, *make*) time to get these up. But they're important to yesterday's events! So here's a look back on the very 1st portrait session I ever took Livia to:

She was only 6 weeks old in these pictures - and now she's coming up on one year! It doesn't seem possible that it's been that long!

Yes, I had to sneak one in there of us two girls...!

OK, now the relevance part!

Yesterday I took Livia to get 'spring' pictures done! I know that we're now within a month of her 1st birthday (Ohhh...! I need to get crackin' on party-planning! Oh, and let out the big secret of what her b-day dress will be! Nope, I haven't forgotten). But I've been without my SLR for more than 2 weeks now, and I'm starting to twitch... Gotta have good pics of her! So I caved and took her to JCPenney's.

I say 'caved' because I can usually get pretty good pictures all on my own, but relatives deserve some pictures too, and this is about the only way I know for SURE they'll get some! (Yes, I'm really bad about printing pics... Any ideas for me to get better about that...?) I gotta give those gals in the JCPenney studio credit - they're amazing! They worked with Livia for as long as I wanted; they made her smile, wave, and giggle; they even let me change her outfit! Oh, and they got a few of just the two of us again.

The only problem, per se, was the choosing part - there were SO many good ones! Livia was such an Angel, and those gals just did a great job of capturing the Livia that I know and love. I ended up getting a *few* more than I'd planned to, but I just couldn't resist! (Shh... don't tell my hubby!)


E and T said...

Hi Amanda
That's the only problem with professional photos, you end up completely blowing the budget. I guess that's not such a bad thing, because every time you look at those gorgeous photos it makes your heart sing - and that is priceless.

Lucy said...

Hi Amanda,
Buy all the pixctures that you can. I feel that pictures of your growing family are one of the best investment for a life as told through pictures. When you look back, you really can't believe that your children change so much is such a short time. Can't wait to see these pictures.
Livia gets her beauty from her Mamma I see.