Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nannybird Crafts Last Blogiversary Contest

First of all, I want to apologize - I meant to get this up here WAY earlier in the week! I did mention this contest a couple of days ago, but I didn't really elaborate... So I shall now!

I first want to say... Congratulations!

My very special blogging friend, Nan, has now been blogging for a little more than a year. For celebration, she's been having all kinds of wonderful contests and funstuffs going on. As a 'prize' for us, she's given out some more blog bling to ALL those who participated in any of her contests for her Blogiversary...

Thank you so much Nan!

NOW, you all really should go over and check out her blog - wish this lady congratulations, and tell her how beautiful her creations are! (Should I go on & on about how much I LOVE what she sent me when I won!)

Something she wanted us all to do for this last contest was tell about why our blog is named what it is. I'll go ahead and tell you all as well!

My blog hasn't changed names since I started it, but it has changed style - both in writing, posting, and design. My Aunt Tanya helped me put it into a 3 column-er, and she also gave me the idea to put something fun at the top of my page!

Before just a couple of weeks ago, I just had the simple "Photochick" thing up at the top of my blog. But I realized that I really wanted something a little more - something that really did include all that was special & important to me, and the actual name of my blog! See, I call myself Photochick (obviously because I'm a chick who L-O-V-E-S to take pictures) but I titled my blog, Faith, Family, Friends, Photography!

With my latest creation at the top, it looks more like I want it to. It may get tweaked from time to time (fun designs, new pics, classy, fun, seasons, etc.) but the Faith, Family, Friends, Photography! part the one thing I really want to make sure people see when they first pop onto my site.

So why did I title my blog Faith, Family, Friends, Photography! ? No mystery here - those are the absolute most important things in my life, and in that order. I'll do a post soon on a side-note inspiration... But like I said, the main reason for it's name is because of the importance of these things in my life. If I had nothing else in the world, my life would still be complete with those first 3 things. Oh, and Photography is there to keep me our of trouble!

I like to think that my title ss a gentle reminder that even when I'm in internet world, God truly IS our whole world - without Him I am nothing; in Him I can do anything! It's important to never forget Him. Certain times of the year, it may be easier to remember Him in the rest of the world... But in our own lives, HE should always radiate throughout our lives!

OK, so now you know all about my crazy blogginess! Thank you SO much to Nan, for letting everyone come over and have such a fun time over there, and for the opportunity to win such beautiful prizes! Thanks also to Nan for some inspiration over here. We may never know how we might affect another's life - so it's important to tell those who have made a difference in ours. Much love to all, and God Bless.

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Lucy said...

Love your header. Yes, it does say it all.