Friday, March 7, 2008

Flashback Friday (Featuring...Vacation Scenery)

I decided to do a flashback on some of the beautiful scenes I've seen while vacationing...

Now, unfortunately for me, I haven't actually been on a vacation in more than a year and a half. My last big trip was up to Minnesota and Canada back in summer, 2006. We went up there to visit Perry's Marine Corp. buddy, Reid and his wife & kiddos - they're absolutely amazing! I really wish we could have gone up to visit them last year... It just didn't work out with Livia being so small (not to mention colic-y) Maybe this year - I hope!

I can't say that I got any spectacular shots in Minnesota, but I definitely made up for it up in Lake of the Woods, Canada!

This was one of the very first shots I got upon arriving... it's what I saw literally right outside the back door of the cabin!

And everyday while we were there, we went out on the lake to fish & explore.

Here's a real lighthouse on the lake

And here's a couple of great ones where the sky meets the water...
I can't even tell where the water ends and the sky begins!

And it just wouldn't be 'me' if I didn't obsess about getting a TON of sunset pics! I restrained myself from putting all the great ones up. :o)

Sooo, which one's your fav?

Now, for the next vacation's scenery shots - Nashville, TN during late spring 2006. Again, I went with Perry! (You may have noticed I'm actually going backwards in terms of when these vacations took place) There are SO many cool places to visit in Nashville! We didn't even see the half of them, but I did get some good pics of what we did get a chance to see...

First up, the Parthenon. Beautiful, isn't it?

This gives you an idea of how big the columns are (Perry & me between 2 of them)

Next up, the Gaylord Opry Hotel. If you've never been there or heard of it, I don't know if I can even begin to describe how amazing it is! There are 9 acres of indoor gardens and ballrooms, there are restaurants, shops, and even a spa in this incredible hotel!

Here's an overview of the indoor river where you can take a tour on their Delta River Flatboats - which we did!
And here's one of the many waterfalls we saw while there. Now, we didn't actually stay AT this hotel - we just went to eat, tour and have some fun there!

Finally, just a glimpse of the general sights of downtown Nashville:
The Bell South tower on the left, and the Country Music Museum on the right...
And another of the Bell South Tower - as Perry calls it, The Batman Building!

And a famous street there in Nashville called Printers Alley... Don't remember quite what it's famous for... maybe where a lot of singers were 'discovered' ? I think that's what Perry told me!

These next shots were from summer of '05 - oh, that seems forever ago! My Mom, Dad, sis & I all went to Florida, and it was SO much fun!
A shot of Daytona Beach from my film SLR...

And another with the camera phone.

And a couple from when we visited the Kennedy Space Center.

And finally, just a few shots from when I went to Cancun, Mexico in the spring of '05. This was the one and only 'spring break trip' I ever took with college friends.

On our way there, riding on the clouds!

The view from right outside our dining area in the hotel.

And a view from our hotel room - how gorgeous is this?!

It just wouldn't be me if I didn't include one last sunset from Mexico.

I just hope that Livia will get a chance to see some of the beautiful things and places I have! I'm sure we'll make sure she does... someday! Love to all and God Bless!


Nan said...

Wow! All the sky pictures are so beautiful, how could I possibly choose which one is my favorite?

I haven't posted about it yet, but there is an award on my blog Jaye gave me today that I want you to have, "I love you this much" award, I am putting up my new blog bling right now and then will post about it, I came by to get the picture so I didn't need to sign into my email right now! Hugs!!

Conservative SuperMom said...

Ohhh, you have made me so very ready for vacation time! :)
Hey weren't we suppose to go Nashville w/the guys...
The photos are perfect, simply lovely.