Monday, March 24, 2008

Not as they Seem...!

Back on Wednesday Liv & I were both under the weather, but she was already on her way to getting better. I thought we just had colds, but that doesn't seem to be the case... f or either of us!

Livia may or may not have even had a little cold, and she was a lot better. But early Saturday she was starting to get all snotty again. Later that day, I figured out why - SHE FINALLY GOT HER FIRST TOOTH!!!!! I am SO excited! I'm sure she's not a huge fan of having tender gums, but I can't help but be so happy.

Most babies get their first tooth somewhere around 7 months - some come a lot earlier, some really take their time...! It's so sweet to see my little baby getting 'big'.

I'm still not sure if I ever did have a cold or not, but I ended up going to the doctor's office on Friday. It looks like I have yet another sinus infection. I'm on antibiotics, and if I'm not better by Wednesday they want me back in there.

I'm afraid I may end up having to go back in though, because I'm still not feeling any relief... And I have my own guess about what could be going on - I mentioned last week that our basement had some water issues, and even though there is no longer any standing water, it's still quite moist. In fact, moldy. I walked in the house yesterday and I could even smell it a bit upstairs. I say this not to actually speak badly of anyone, but who in their right mind puts carpet in a basement that has water issues???

One of the previous owners of the house did this... not the brightest crayon in the box, are we? No, I don't really mean that. I'm just frustrated. I mean there are 2 sump pumps for the 700 some-odd square feet we have down there. With 2 sump pumps, wouldn't you think twice about carpeting it...?

Well, that's neither here nor now, because I can't change the past. I do plan on changing it in the very near future. Actually I'm already well on my way to doing so. I know that I can only do one of the 2 rooms down there at a time, so I'm starting with the worst first. I'm moving and organizing all the 'stuff' into the other room, and I've already begun taking up and cutting the carpet into manageable pieces. Though I have a loooong way to go, at least I have a good start!

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Nan said...

Ugh!!! I guess water issues are why we don't have many basements in the south here, not many at all in SC and NC and now we're in VA, they have more then further south, but new homes don't have them much, something about high water tables or such thing.

I hope you're wearing a mask while you work on removing that carpet, you don't want to be breathing in any mold spores that might be dry now but will be air born when you disturb it with the work you're doing. Get better quick!!! Hugs!!