Monday, March 24, 2008

More Catch Up (Featuring Laura's Vacation!)

Something I had forgotten to write about from even earlier that week, was that we all went out to eat at Turoni's Forget-Me-Not Inn. Mom, Dad, me, Perry, & Livia all went to eat and visit with Laura Belle and to hear all about the fun she had on vacation. She also showed us all thte wonderful pictures she took!

Laura & Michael at the beach...

Again, just the two of them - don't you wish you were there?

I love this shot - so classy and beautiful!

A perfect sunset in paradise

And one last shot of them at a pre-season baseball game for the Yankees and Reds.

They had SO much fun down there... have a feeling they didn't really care too much to come back! I sure am glad they did though. Laura Belle got Livie the CUTEST little outfits. Very summery and fun. No snapshots yet, but don't be surprised to see some soon!

Anyway, more fun stuff coming right up...!

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